2011 General Election

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    This year we UPS Teamsters will have a voice in the election to choose the people to run our union over the next 5 years including our next contract.

    Right now we have the Hoffa slate, which has been in power ofr the last 12 years.

    Fred Gegare has announced he plans to run a partial slate, yet he failed to get enough signatures to get into the magazine. You are required to have rougly 37,000 signatures for his spot and he missed it with many months of time to collect.

    Sandy Pope has announced that she will run against Hoffa for the GP spot. She does not plan on having a slate and is running against one person, Hoffa.

    At the delegate convention there could be a 3 dog race if each canidate gets enough votes to get put on the ballot.

    Hoffa must be feeling the crunch because his slate was just found to be guilty of tampering with canidates that were planning to run against him.

    If he can make deals like this with his foes, how many deals does he make with companies against us the union employees?????


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    I'll be voting for anyone who runs against Hoffa. But I plan on voting for Pope. I hope she will do what she is saying she will do in all of her p.r. statements. I have been with the company between 15 and 20 years and can honestly say we as a union have never been weaker as we are right now in that time. It's time to take back our union for us. Hoffa forgot who he works for.