2015 Contractor Handbook

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    7:30 dispatch at all Ground Terminals at 7:45 if not dispatched Ground will be fined 50.00 dollars after 7:45 Ground will fined 100.00 Dollars every 15 minutes until dispatched if Driver is late for pick ups do to being dispatched late ground will be fined another 50.00 dollars if driver is dispatched late and is early for a pick up the driver will get a 50.00 bonus if the driver is late for a pick up do to being dispatched late the driver will get a 100.00 bonus for just being lucky that the driver even gave a crap for showing up also all your pick up customers that complain about the driver arriving late do to late dispatch have them sign a complaint form and give it to the Contractor of the route and fine Ground 500.00 Dollars on the 30th of every month and the Contractor is to give these forms to THEIR legal team and have them send Ground a Bill every month why cause you are in business to make money not to have it taken away. One last thing if you are dispatched earlier than 7:30 who cares that means Ground finally did THEIR job . 2015 is going to be a good year it is your truck not their truck . Also logos will cost ground 500,000.00 to put on contractor trucks if they can give nascar millions they can pay contractors also.Thank You and may 2015 be a good year for Contractors .In order to do your job Ground has to to their job first .
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    You must live in Colorado, because whatever you're smoking has really trashed your brain if you think Fedex would do anything but laugh at your preposterous suggestion. (But we can fantasize, can't we!)
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    Holy run-on sentence, Batman!
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    Due whatcha gotta due.
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    The first rule of contractual relations is that the bigger entity makes the rules :p
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    Well that's just not true. The entity with the greater bargaining power sets the standards.