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    I was asking cuz I just completed intergrad friday but I drive past a smaller Hub that's closer to where I live to get to the bigger hub but I hear it's in a different division how hard would it be to transferthanks for the help
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    @Mugarolla Do you have the answer for this guy?
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    When GM went bankrupt one of the provisions for their revival was the implementation of a lower tier of pay for newer workers.

    When GM went on strike this two tiered system was one of the primary factors.

    The new contract has provisions to reduce/shorten progression and also put $11K in to the pockets of all eligible employees.

    My point? 2023 is not that far away-----it is time for the union to mobilize its members to focus on, among other things, eliminating 22.4's. If left unchecked, 22.4's will outnumber FT drivers before the end of this contract.
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    UPS people ?

    The contract prohibit's it.
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    BUG----a contract is only worth the paper that it is printed on.
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    Still out of the loop.... aren't ya ?

    BTW, welcome back. The Eagles were right.

    "you can sign out anytime you want.... but you can never leave"

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    22.4 is here to stay. The union and the company agreed to it. No chance to get UPS to eliminate them in the next contract. Only way we get rid of 22.4s is to demote them all to 22.5s.
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    Are all Tuesday - Saturday RPCD going back to Monday - Friday 18 months after contract ?

    Are center is suppose to get the 22.4, but rumor we may not get them at all.
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    Why would I answer someone who stole my Avatar?


    Depends on where you are and what Supplement you fall under.

    Only a few allow transfers.

    While it is different everywhere, and can change anytime, a bigger hub generally gets seasonals called back after peak quicker than a center or smaller hub.
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    Okay thanks you can have the avatar. didn't know anyone else had it I really appreciate your help My hat goes off to you guys I never knew what it meant to be a upser and still really dont just have been giving a glance of it you guy that have put the time have my respect
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    I agree. Called back to work PT in one of the sorts.
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    Depends, if you were a M-F package driver that was moved to a Tu-Sa schedule, they have 18 months. If you were hired as a Tu-Sa driver, they have 24 months.
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    I was was m-f driver.. If centers do not get the 22.4 drivers, will RPCD cover saturdays stilll?
    Also Im guessing the T-S routes should be rebid as M-F next bid picks?

    Is it 18months from April 2019?
  14. Just A UPS Guy

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    Yes, 18/24 months from ratification.
  15. 3838373

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    Thanks for that... Our center is suppose to get the 22.4 drivers, but there is rumors will not get them because of lack of volume, but its nice to know if we don't get the 22.4 the RPCD will be going back to m-f
  16. Just A UPS Guy

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    Also, you cannot have scheduled saturday work without 22.4s after the 18/24 months, so RPCDs will only cover saturdays until that point. As far as your next bids, I have no idea, we have lifetime bids in my building.
  17. 3838373

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    We bid every other year.

    So if a center does not get 22.4 drivers does that mean they will end saturday ground?
  18. zubenelgenubi

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    The contract was ratified in October of 2018. It went into effect in April 2019.
  19. 3838373

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    Is it 18 months from october 2018 or april 2019?
  20. zubenelgenubi

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    Article 22.4 b

    2. It is the commitment of the parties that RPCDs work a Monday through Friday schedule. To that end the parties agree that all RP- CDs currently working a Tuesday through Saturday schedule will transition to a Monday through Friday schedule as soon as practica- ble, within eighteen (18) months of ratifcation. The Company shall have an additional six (6) months for drivers hired directly into a Tuesday through Saturday schedule.