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    Ok started in march as part time load and wash. Was told loaders are guaranteed 3 hours a shift. Here we are in september and higher ups are kicking us out at 2h and 15min. Whats the deal I am in colorado just a little feed back would help. thanks.
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    Contract says it's three hours guarantee article 40 (air operations), 3.5 guaranteed hours for everyone else.

    You and all have a right to 3.5 hours as a loader.
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    I hate to make a big deal out of it. But I have to bust my A** for 2h15min with no break tounload cars and loadtruck,and wash atleast 2 cars and wash all the windows. Am I jus acting like a whiner? Thanks for your help
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    So like $20 bucks take home pay a day? Are you even eligible for benefits?

    Sounds horrible!
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    Not eligible yet. I dont want to start asking questions and not know what I'am talking about. Hate to be labeled as a problem starter.
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    Stand up for yourself next time they send you home early tell them you want your 3 1/2 guaranteed. If they don't give it to you file a grievance everyday untill they do. If you don't so anything they are going to keep walking all over you.

    Have you talk to a steward ??? If not you need to you also need to call your BA tomorrow and let them know what is going on.
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    I don't think his business agent is working out for him. I imagine it's been happening for a while now. Talk to your steward or your agent, but I'm sure you'll get the run around. Make sure you know what your contract states for your local and rider agreement. It sounds ugly. Sorry it's happening to you.
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    If you are forced to go home then you are still guaranteed your 3.5 hours pay. But if they ask you to leave and you voluntarily go then you only get paid time worked.
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    When I'm on local sort, we used to really bust ass and get done in 2.5 hours. Recently they said we have to work 3.5 to get paid 3.5 which is fair. For a few weeks, we'd put totes in cars and getting preload ready, sweep floors, etc. We just learned to finish our jobs in 3.5 hours now.

    Cement is right.
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    Sections 5.Wages
    "All part-time employees governed by this Article shall be provided a minimum daily three-and one-half (3-1/2) hour guarantee."
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    In our area, PT'ers have to work 17.5 hours per week to maintain benny's, also.(new rules) So, the OP may be jeopardizing he benefits as well as not getting his contractual right to 3.5.
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    Don't feel too bad my center cut my shift down to two hours every other day! Imagine that check....I have reasons for not grieving it but you really should
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    I'm in a NYC hub, so my experience is quite different simply due to volume. I'm only in two weeks, and I'm getting about 4 hours of work a night. We don't clean out the trucks either. Our supes just tell us to leave everything for da mop up men haha. I'm in PD9, got lucky. My supes are good on grievences and make sure we get paid the hours worked. They want me to hover around 300pph which is very reasonable in my opinion.
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    Misloads and PPH do not exist. When people stop believing the crap management spews at them the workplace will be much better. Again, THERE IS NO PPH OR MISLOADS, the words do not exist when you walk through the doors to work.

    The best you can do is all you are required to do. Stop recognizing their fairy tales.
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    If Hoffa cared about anyone on the Preload shift, he would send a memorandum to all BA's demanding they instruct their stewards to instruct all employees the SPORH and PPH is baloney.
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    Most of the preload in my center simply want to come in, do their jobs and go home. We have a couple of red circled old timers who are active in the union but other than that the others would be hard pressed to tell you who their steward is or what that person's function within the union entails.

    Without SPORH and PPH, how else would you quantify what we do? "Fair days work for a fair days pay" is somewhat vague, don't you think?
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    There you go, again.
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    A little over 2 hours work is horrible. People posting above are right that if you have attained your seniority, whatever that duration is at your center, then you are by contract supposed to be given 3.5 hours a night. If they try to send you home early, go above your immediate supervisor if you have to and ask if they need you somewhere else in the building. At the hub I work, it is not uncommon to be there beyond 5 hours, but there was one day in my training period they asked me to leave early because my belt was slow. I asked the management for work somewhere else and they had me busy for almost 5 hours that night loading other belts. Just because your area is clear or slow and they want to send you home doesn't mean there isn't something else for you to do. Take advantage of other people leaving and take initiative to find work if you want more hours.