3 Letters Hoffa Needs To Know...RTD

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    The IBT thinks it's worthwhile to organize aircraft mechanics because they are a small workgroup with the power to cripple the Express system if they choose. While the RTD workgroup is larger, they essentially have the same power. No CTV=No freight for the vast majority of FedEx locations.

    May I suggest to The Teamsters that they try and organize the RTDs and also perhaps the Ramp Agents, another group with the power to disrupt or cripple Express operations. Be smart, Jim, and perhaps you can actually get some new members for your increasingly moribund organization. Believe it or not, FedEx could provide you with some vital new membership.

    A targeted attack would work. The pilots realized long ago that they had the ability to hold Smith to a deal because they held the trump card of being able to shut the whole thing down. Just remember, 5 positions of freight is a lot, especially when it represents the entire inbound or outbound volume of a station. What if every CTV experienced a "breakdown" on a particular day or the RTDs all developed amnesia and couldn't find the stations? Or maybe went to the wrong one by mistake? Oh, the possibilities.
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    Well if Hoffa would spend the energy (and money) to unionize our aircraft mechanics and RTD's instead of wasting his time poaching an already unionized workforce (American Airlines Mechanics) then maybe the Teamsters would be getting somewhere.