33 year driver caught stealing!

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    I was shocked and surprised, and yet not so much, when I heard in the east side center of our building, a 33 year driver was caught stealing. And I mean " not so much " with all the craziness that comes along with this job. I've only heard speculation on details, but it seems to be a true story. Talked with a few people that there is a story out there within the internets.

    Trying to look threw the stories online and local newspaper sites, I havnt come across the story. Shouldve asked to the whereabouts of the story.

    Anyone have a link or other onto this story out there? If not, I will ask tomarrow to those people on the story.

    Overall, its shocking that a 33 year driver did this. I also heard that UPS had him resign before they fired him, whatever that means. Was it to keep his retirement, or was to save the face of UPS? Wish I knew more details.
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    Unless the company wants to make an example of someone they know has been stealing for a while - which involves catching them in the act and parading them around the building in handcuffs - they usually give them the chance to resign. It's better than being terminated for dishonesty when trying to find another job.

    It won't be in the local papers unless it involved a driver ripping off the company for thousands of dollars worth the merchandise or the driver gets caught moving drugs.
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    Even without a Union this citizen of these United States is innocent until proven guilty.
    Thanks for saving us a lot of money by convicting this person on the www.
    And the real question is:
    Are you a union member!?
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    If the driver resigned ill bet they are guilty. He was simply passing on what he has heard happened at his center.

    What's the big deal?
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    Im not a union worker thanks to right to work state, but I do work as an hourly. I hate the example of our leadership, they are piss poor and create their own problems.

    I will never be apart of their cause for the reason they lie, spew and kill their workers for numbers. Ethics play a huge deal in my life.
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    Piedmont... I wasn't sure whether he was talking about UPS or the Teamsters..:happy-very: when he said, "I hate the example of our leadership, they are piss poor and create their own problems.". I just assumed he was speaking about UPS. hmmmmm?
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    If you're talking about the FL driver who (for years) was caught delivering items to a friends garage for storage (or something along those lines), it is a true story and has been around a while.
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    dude, LP doesn't move on someone with a term unless it is a slam-shut case

    and the ghost of Hoffa himself won't save you from that
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    Could you clarify your position?
    Kill their workers
    As Colombo used to say,
    "There;s something here I just don't understand!"
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    Did you just read the mission statement inside the IPhone factory?
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    I feel so sorry for you. Are you on some kind of drugs? I hope this question isn't to personal.
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    In what state did this happen?
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    If this is true all can say is there are bad apples in every batch.. I'm not condoning it by any means - just saying that when you have thousands upon thousands of employees everyone (management and hourly alike) is not all squeeky clean. What I can't understand is someone seeming to be bragging about living in a right to work state and NOT being Union. Apparently they just don't get the concept that without the Union they wouldn't be making 30+ bucks an hour with 7 weeks paid vacation and full medical benefits for them and their family. Sorry part timers but even you guys have it a "little" better than someone flipping burgers at Micky Dee's. What, pray tell, do the ones who opt out of the Union really think they would be making if their Union brothers hadn't fought for it.
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    On the stealing case you wont hear anything probably..Even though the employee resigned doesn't make him immune from charges which could easily be felony charges..I saw a driver fired before for stealing..In certain cases, the company of loss goods goes after the driver, if be the case, not UPS..UPS just does the firing..If it looks cut and dry guilty of breaking a cardinal rule, only an Obama pardon would help you..In the case I knew, we never heard from the driver again..UPS is wise to say nothing until the case is completely settled.
  16. TearsInRain

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    if you're FT and not in the union, you're nuts lol

    whatever my opinion of the Teamsters may be, the job protection is worth every penny of dues
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    It so nice of you to take those union negotiated perks without paying the membership dues.
  19. Gumby

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    You sound like a democrat...Ill take something for free and let someone else pay for it. How many Nobama signs are in your front yard????????
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    I think you've got your wires crossed. I'm in a right to work state and all the folks I know who aren't in the union for ideological reasons are solid right wing anti Obama types. Based on his past posts I'm pretty sure that ORLY!?! falls into that camp.