4 new part time positions.

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  1. We had 2 full time couriers retire a few weeks ago. Instead of putting the full time positions up for bid or giving part timers the chance to go full time they've decided to hire 4 new part timers to replace 2 full timers. Great stuff. Can't wait to see what kind of trash they pull off the street this time. The last courier they hired stayed exactly 2 weeks. The ones that do stay either have no common sense or barely speak English. Great company.
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    It's clear they are trying to reduce the amount of full-time employees. As the economy improves, it will become more difficult for them to find reliable people willing to show up 5 days a week for a part time job.
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    We have thousands who do it on a daily basis.
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    I wonder how all these smart companies expect the economy to get better by paying people less and having them work less hours?
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    Seems the economy is working well for them, judging by the stock market. They were able to shed alot of workers, maintain productivity, and increase profits. It's what's intrinsically wrong with our system, always putting profit ahead of people. And some famous companies even used to claim that it was about people, service, and profit, with people always first. Now they don't even lie about it anymore.
  6. Working the preload or twilight shift at UPS is a bit different than working as a part time driver at Express. They're making people come in and work 2.5 hours in the morning and then having them come back and work 2 hours in the evening. There are also typically no set schedules for part timers at Express. I know for a fact ups part timers have set schedules for the most part. Minus 5 or 10 minute different start times depending on which day or the week it is. (Worked my way the school at Brown) Trust me. It's different. In a bad way.
  7. PSP is dead. The new flavor of the month is called CSI. Costumer Service Integrity. They're taking the people completely out of the equation.
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    What in the world is Customer Service Integrity? They come up with the DUMBEST names for stuff.
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    A district director actually told a group of us that yes of course profit has to come before people.
    This was within the last 3 months ...
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    Especially if he's going to get that big boat he's had his eye on.

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    I heard that mentioned last week in one of our stupid am meetings. They were kind of vague but I suspect it just another way for them to screw with us.
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    I thought CSI was where they look at the dead body and try to figure what did him in. Oh, wait a minute...........
  13. Bingo.
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    And I thought "Integrity" was the whacked out poster from the UPS threads.
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    It actually stands for Constant Stupidity Intensified, which makes perfect sense, since they are doubling-down on the stupid lately. How do you give great customer service when your organization is in chaos, and nobody really cares about the customer anyway?

    That's it!! We'll create a new acronym and "solve" the problem. "See, Apple, now we have CSI, you no longer need to worry!!"
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    I like "consistently stupid initiatives"
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    Well that's the $64,000 question.

    Especially when Memphis cries that they don't have any money for that sort of thing.
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    It will just materialize out of thin air...voila!!
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    The OP made a great observation. Yes, the quality of new hires has spiraled downward dramatically. I heard just recently that you now don't even need a high school diploma to work for Express. They've did away with the Basic Skills test, Job Knowledge Test and now if your stupid enough to want to fill out an application that's practically stamped hired with no questions asked. I remember taking all those tests and was sent to courier school in a nearby state (that was freakin' fun), I guess that was eliminated to save money. Our station is starting to look like a collection point for the former chronically unemployed and people who recently granted citizenship. One guy came to work wearing tan topsiders because he did not yet have money to buy black footwear (he was sent home). Crazy!
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    The past three new hires in my station have been really good. They're all PT and scrounging for hours, though.