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    I'm hourly. I started in September right before peak season so I've already got my seniority. Am I eligible for 401k or do I have to wait a year for that also?

    I didn't even bother asking this at work as my experience so far has been that management does not care about the little person. I asked my FT sup about my pay, and he said "I don't know," as if I was supposed to accept that answer and move on. I had to push further for him to do something.
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    Yep! This ain't your daddy's UPS, that's a common attitude.

    He was suppose to tell you, "I don't know. That's a self-serve type question. Go to UPSers.com and look under the "My Life and Career" tab."

    Part-timer Union hourly may be under the Teamsters plan which means you have to contact the Union.
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    There's your answer.
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    Are you implying that Generation Me should take care of his own business rather than having someone take care of it for him?