5 keys to package selection

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  1. longlunchguy

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    Just when you thought you had enough to remember, those of us on a (long) lunch break have come up with the following.

    1. Keep your ndas in the cab, you won't be able to open the bulkhead door anyway. To many packages have fallen against it after your first right turn.

    2. Always use three points of contact when climbing on shelves to search for your next stop.

    3. When looking for packages, test boxes that you must step on so you do no further damage.

    4. Select the "dup" key when you come back later with the one package you couldn't find at the initial delivery.

    5. When all else fails, select option 3 and direct deposit.
  2. dilligaf

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    LLG, very well thought out and informative. LOL Now what are the key phrases?
  3. helenofcalifornia

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    If I can't find a package at a stop and I find it later that day and deliver it, I sure as heck DON'T count it as a duplicate stop. If my preloader can't keep it together, or it falls and merges with another bulk stop, it's on UPS. Now if UPS wants to pay me 15 minutes before start time to tighten up the load, then I might consider that missing package a duplicate stop. Jmho.
  4. cancun

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    6. When you have a bad day and you can't blame it on anybody else but yourself( which is hard for most drivers to do) tell your on road sup when you return to the building that you should only be paid 1/2 of your hourly wage that day. That is true accountability for your performance.
  5. iowa boy

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    Hey bud, you first. How many times have you done this yourself? Every bad day I've had at work UPS has contributed exponentially to that process, so I'm sure as hell not gonna lose have my pay because my immediate supervisors can't get their heads out of their :censored2: and make a smart decision:angry:
  6. Tiny Panda

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    I tend to go for whichever package falls off the shelf and is closest to the bulk head door.
  7. If we do not hit the dup key we get in trouble.
  8. stevetheupsguy

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    This is supposed to be a funny thread, so where's your sense of humor? Oh that's right, robots don't have humor, or feelings, ............................OR BRAINS!!!:surprised:
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    Whenever I feel that I have too much work - DR / OD. (Driver Release / Open Dumpster):thumbsup:
  10. Monkey Butt

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    1. Keep your ndas ...
    2. Always use three ...
    3. When looking ...
    4. Select the "dup" ...
    5. When all ...
    Keep Away When STUG Winkies.
  11. badpal.

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    Ha, I have to do that sometimes...
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  12. badpal.

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    I totally agree with you on that. I had the loader from hell during peak so I had to go back quite a bit. Thank GOD she quit!
  13. Bubblehead

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    If they tell me to hit the duplicate, I hit it.
    What do I care?
    I'll just be more overallowed.
    The numbers are their game.
    The only credit I need is in the form of my hourly rate.
  14. MC4YOU2

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    I agree totally. We've been told not using the DUP amounts to pumping your stop count, even if it is a misload brought from another driver. I say just do your best to follow the rules no matter how seemingly senseless they are, collect your pay and note the mislods in your diad. It all pays the same, and you sleep a lot better. Sure your numbers may take a small hit, but you've got a reason for it that way.
  15. myback

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    up here in the pacific nw mgrs are freaking-out about this dup thing. now if u dont use the dup-key mgmt will consider that stealing of company time and serious about it. unbelievable what these idiots choose to focus on and what not to.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The frustrating part is that this "focus" changes from month to month.

    We are told to use the dup key whenever we have to either go back to a stop for a misload or if we go back to reattempt a delivery (COD, NI) or if we have a moved that is on or close to our area. Not using the dup key is padding stops which will earn you a slap on the wrist.
  17. sealbasher

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    all good kids like milk
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    OK, so I had a package loaded in my truck on Friday that was a definite damage. Signature required. Top half of the box had cardboard torn off and replaced with tape. Nothing in it. We are told to not record these as damages, but to put it in the board as NI1. Talk about lack of integrity at my center. The consignee looks up tracking number and sees NI1 and thinks driver messed up. My frustration builds. Do as your told or do what's right? I recorded it as a damage.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    helen, we are told to sheet these as "future" so that we can retape and/or RTS it.
  20. backinbrown

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    work as directed that way it won't fall on you