5 to 10 percent wage decrease

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    I know this might be a pipe dream, but this is what I proposed to my center manager after he handed me a sales lead card. I told him every one from Eskew on down to the pt or maybe just the ft should take a 5 to 10% wage decrease and earmark the monies for shipping rate reductions or no rate hike. I hate having to go with my tail between my legs and give the cd(rate hike) to my shippers. For once i would like to say to them because of all (mgt and hourlys) sacrafice there will be no rate hike or maybe even just a slight decrease in rates. This could generate a lot of new bus. Yes ups is making a profit as of now, but lets be pro active. Were like the mom and pop store, we have service but not the price. Thats how walmart killed its competion by price and very little service. Im not saying abandoned service, but if we were to get price and service we would kill the comp. We must never forget most of us would have a lot less if it werent for ups. By no means is ups perfect. Id rather make a few dollars less an hr than go to somewhere else and make basically nothing. The down side is this could result in a major price war in which were at a disadvantage or predatory pricing.
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    You sir are clinically insane.
  3. you want to start PT hourlies at less than 8.50 an hour? In many states (Massachusetts for one) that's already peanuts compared to what even fed ex offers (11.50). if you thought we had a PT retention problem before, try dropping it and see what happens.
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    Part of the rate hike every year is to comply with the union contract increases.

    If the transportation industry handles the rate increases, they will continue, and quite frankly, it's the consumers who purchase goods via catalog or internet that have the cost passed onto them.

    Check out fuel surcharges on UPS.com or FedEx.com. UPS is generally lower on the fuel surcharges.
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    Denver's FedEx hourly start is 11.50, too, I think. Chicago and Illinois in general is about 9.50, which I found strange. If the wage was cut any lower than it is, I think hubs would grind to a complete halt due to a lack of staffing. -Rocky
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    hah.. a company that makes 6billion a year? they keep raising to maintain
    profit margins.

    Wanna save money have Eskew take a 50% pay cut... he'd still make gobs of money too.

    What is it google, or someother company where the CEO takes a 1$ a year paycheck.... his stock options are more than enough to live off of.. like a millionaire(billionaire)
  7. I believe it is Apple Computer's Steve Jobs
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    None of us at UPS deserve a pay-cut. Pay cuts are warrented when a company is losing money, not when profits increase year after year. Like a previous poster said: are you out of your freaking mind? If UPS is going to give me a 10% pay-cut, I'm going to quit and go work for Fed-ex and do 1/6 of the work I do now.

    I know this is sort of off topic, but people always complain that we are the highest paid in the industry. Well, we should be! We do more work than 6 Fed-ex drivers combined. Have you ever seen how empty their trucks are??
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    Anyone hear about Circuit City cutbacks?

    Firing 3400 employees who are paid above the industry average and giving them the opportunity to be rehired at a lower wage?

    Not that I think this should happen at UPS, but a lot of companies do let their high paid employees go for lower paying employees.

    Not sure how the companies get away with it, but they do. I imagine it would be part of a bankruptcy or restructuring strategy.

    We all need to be grateful for what UPS has provided for us and our families over the years.

    You never know how you may be impacted in the future.
  10. Anyone in management below grade 20 has already taken a large pay cut with the new RSU jive and the reduced MIP factor. If anyone doesn't think they've taken a pay cut just take a peek at your W2.
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    In my opinion nobody at UPS should be given a pay cut. I know the competition is taking our volume but the company is still very profitable and is still growing quarter after quarter, year after year. Pay-cuts are for companies that are losing money or trying to eek out a profit. UPS doesn't fit in that catagory. This is why it makes me ill to learn our supervisors are getting their bonuses reduced (pay-cut) while the fat cats in Atlanta are getting huge increases. I guess you gotta love the American way:mad: "The rich get richer and the poor don't get an f-n thing"
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    I`ve got a better idea Area 43. Why don`t you take a 20% pay cut and that well count for my 10%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree with westsideworma on this - you won't have a pt force if you cut us in pay. Also a pay cut would not mean they would not raise rates. They would still raise the rates and just reap in more profit due to your sacrifice. Now your idea might be great for those making 6 figures but leave those of us on the bottom out.
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    You are correct - I recieved an email from some online resume place telling me that FedEX would start me at 11.50/ hr and do what I do now. . .it was tempting since I am still way under 11 bucks an hour. . .but UPS is much closer to my home than the FedEX hub and gas prices keep rising.
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    Look what happened at American Airlines. The workforce voted to take a pay cut to keep the airline afloat yet the executives still took their huge bonuses.
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    pt was a option. Its like our fight against terrorism. Lets be proacttive instead of reactive. Believe it or not our teamsters benefits result in the health and growth of ups only 15 companiies r standing. ups will wiill be the last man standing. something has to be done. dont be so niave(ms). we might not like mgt tech on producton, but if they would be more relaed on standards profits will go down. the whole purpose of a company is to make a profit. profit is good for everybody. It run our 401k, economy, way of life etc etc. Look at these other countries (euporean) where bus. is hit on taxs, socialism etc. no one wants to start a bus
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    sorry for the poor grammar i was in a hurry
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    What the heck was that?
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    I've taken my wage decrease when I went combo so I'm not really with you on taking another.