705 and 710 forced to accept contract.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 542thruNthru, Nov 16, 2018.

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    It doesn't bother me at all. It was definitely the 400 dollar bump for 30 years full-time. Most drivers will easily make that. We should of got 5 dollars over 5 years. With inflation and taxes in our area and cost of living so high. The amount ups pays into full-time pension went up. I wanted more 22.3 jobs that don't include driving. IL actually make the 30 years full-time but I never wanted to do that many I was shooting for 27 28 years full-time. But now I can't leave that much on the table at least I know the day I hit 30 years full-time god willing IL be retiring. The saddest part is a little over 3000 people voted.
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  2. cachmeifucan

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    It definitely was fair I'm sure but I did hear many people not getting a ballot.
  3. BigUnionGuy

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    People, claiming they didn't get a ballot can happen.... but, that's why the

    members are given ample opportunity to request a duplicate.
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    Your vote tally might be right for 705, I don't know. We at 710 were at about 40, I believe.

    All I know, is that I don't trust the union leaders to be honest and above board.
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  5. babboo25

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  6. cachmeifucan

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    It wasn't a bad contract. Our guys did what they could I'm sure getting pressure from National. The message that sends to ups is that we will accept anything. I'm already full-time but many long term part timers waiting on a combination job will never see it try to tell them go driving. Sad thing 3600 for 30 years then minus health insurance of 500 a month now so how much will it be in 15 20 years. IL still get mine but I'm not sure my pension will be in good shape 20 30 years from now. 1 in the hand is better than 2 in the bush.
  7. babboo25

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    If you already don’t save like you won’t have a pension you better start, frankly it’s irresponsible not to, nothing is guaranteed.
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  8. cachmeifucan

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    My fear is multi employers pension will explode and IL be getting screwed. Its not all of my retirement but a large chunk.
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    Quick question....To get the $400 pension bump I would have to work past Jan 2020. At that time I would have 24 fulltime driving years and 8 part-time years. That's enough to get me the $400 increase right? I'm in central states. I cant get a straight answer anywhere. I requested an estimate from Atlanta 6 weeks ago but haven't heard anything yet. Thanks for any info
  11. BakerMayfield2018

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    Contact your union hall........daily....keep asking.
  12. Mugarolla

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    Pretty close.

    Pretty sad.
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  13. cachmeifucan

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    I'm not sure about central 705 is different and I'm sure part time years don't count towards a 25 or 30 and out they probably only mean full-time years.
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  15. eats packages

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    So how close is the next contract coming in?
    Because I just sent in a letter for FT work, and will be properly bidding in just 2 more months.
    All of this 22.4 BS will be either a cakewalk or hell on earth, while qualifying.
  16. vvv

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    NOPE. 30 full time. Sorry my brother.
  17. Abe Excode

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    SuCk iT uP
  18. Waldo

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    So does anybody know when the pay raises for 705 go into effect?

    FAVREFAN Active Member

    Supposedly the raise will be on this coming week's check.
  20. Gaintain

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    I heard those retro checks for 705, will be in 4wks. We’ll see...