705 and 710 forced to accept contract.

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  1. AJJ984

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    Well that's a bunch of :censored3:.... :cursing::angry:
  2. zimbomb

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    That's the contract, with the raise I make $19.87 now. I'll get a couple hundred in retro. I voted NO because of how unfair this contract was. $13 starting, is a joke. People now making $15 will not see a raise till 2021. On top of all that no retro.... how come only 600 of us voted NO
  3. AJJ984

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    Not for everyone apparently.
  4. AJJ984

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    I voted.. but with only a certain number of people actually educating themselves with the pro/cons of the contract and others not knowing or not caring many of us got screwed. I went from $10.60 to $15 hourly but Amazon is looking mighty fine and much closer to home.
  5. Bob11B

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    Did the math today...$4100 before taxes retro check, I’ll see how much I actually get
  6. browndevil

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    What's the fair market value of your Health and Welfare package? For me it's around $2300 a month
  7. Waldo

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    Technically everyone making $15/hr now still should get a retro check. It’s just from January 21st and not the envisioned Aug 1st. So probably around $100-$150.
  8. Waldo

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    I honestly think the contract voting was rigged. I’ve asked about 25 co-workers how they voted and 23 of them voted no, 1 full timer voted yes and 1 didn’t vote at all.
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    And how long have those 25 coworkers been at ups ?
  10. Waldo

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    Anywhere from 6 months to 28 years. The average being a couple years. Most are part timers, but a couple 22.3 full timers voted no as well.
  11. BigUnionGuy

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    They can't rig the vote. The Union pays an outside 3rd party vendor to

    count the ballots, and there are always members observing the count.

    I'm surprised one of them said they didn't vote.
  12. BuckyBadger

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    710 steward repeated today that the retro check for last year would come in August. And I quote, "that should be a lot of money, having a whole Year's worth of retro pay"
  13. BigUnionGuy

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    How did you arrive at that number ?

    A full-time driver, working 60 hrs a week since August 1st.... would be in the

    ballpark of $1300.00.... before taxes.
  14. BadIdeaGuy

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    710 BA told me a week or two ago, that it would be the first week of March.
    Don't you just love our local?
  15. There were no members that observed the vote.
  16. BigUnionGuy

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    I'm surprised you say that. Every member has the opportunity.

    Can't see TDU passing on that one.
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    Absolutely hilarious.
  18. BuckyBadger

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    We went up by nearly $2 an hour. Most of us have worked between 700 to 800 hours from Peak to ratification as part-timers.
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    He said he never votes. He is muslim so I assume they don’t vote in his native country.
  20. I say that because I wanted to go to observe the vote. I was never given a specific time or place.