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    How hard is it to match your RPM's to MPH? Not just once but TWICE. Isnt this Racing 101. I'm embarrassed to go to NASCAR partys with my Jarrett shirt on. No pit strategy what so ever. When is UPS going to say enough is enough?
  2. upsdude

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    They are hanging with Eskew, why not Jarrett?
  3. ok2bclever

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    Are they using PAS in the pit?
  4. speeddemon

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    Id rather have Jarrett in Atlanta.
  5. trickpony

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    I'll say it again.....what do you want for 64 million dollars?
  6. yeah, they use the same setup to figure out your stop count...
  7. proups

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    Think about what happened to Dale: he sped down pit row, then did it again on his penalty "drive through", so he had to do it again...at the right speed.

    Now let's back up to before the start of the race - the pace laps. I would bet that Dale was going too fast on the pace lap where the pit row speed was determined. He has been doing this too long for me to think anything else.

    Think about it and support Dale. He will be in the car through 2007 - our 100th year.
  8. swingdriver

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    if i performed like dale jarret i would be fired. he should get it together or find another gig. money that we work hard to earn is going to him. he should be held to the same standards we are. two choices dale: sink or swim! i had to make the same choice, and i chose to swim.
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    still embarrassed top five
  10. lkjh

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    "if i performed like dale jarret i would be fired. he should get it together or find another gig."

    There are a bunch that do and aren't.

    Having said that, Dale Jarrett works for Robert Yates.

    He doesn't work for UPS. You realize that? Right?
  11. proups

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    #8 in points.....
  12. trickpony1

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    Since when does "points" win the race?
  13. upsdude

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    Points don't win the race but they will add up to a championship. I don't see the 88 team getting the title this year.
  14. trickpony1

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    I don't work for UPS either. I just drive around in an 18 wheeler that has the UPS logo all over it and am expected to accomplish certain things. The uniform that I am required to wear is, suspiciously, a certain color and, OOPS!, there's that logo again. I have a boss also but his name isn't Robert Yates and I don't get a split of 64 million dollars.

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  15. proups

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    trickpony: you don't risk your life every weekend driving around in circles at 200 MPH either.....
  16. trickpony1

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    You're right I don't.
    I have to deal with people that wait until the very last moment and the very end of the on ramp to see if it's okay to merge.
    I have to deal with people that can't or didn't see the 13 1/2 foot high, 35-110 foot long freight train with lights all over it coming at them before they whip a lane change, merge or pull in front of me.
    I have to deal with a vehicle (sometimes overweight) that wiggles in 1-5 places and is a bomb looking for a place to go off.
    But the really scary part is I have to deal with a management team(?)that is absolutely convinced that everything is the driver's fault.
    I'll take the race track any day.
    Dale Jarrett has it real tough.
    Where's my 64 million dollars?
  17. speeddemon

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    Those race cars are a hell of a lot safer at 200mph than our trucks at 35mph in a crash
  18. ok2bclever

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    I don't mean to offend (but it probably will), but I have to say that saying
    "life is too short to complain about UPS"
    has to be one of the most stupid suck up sayings I have ever heard on this board.

    PS - Jarrett is just another in a long line of overpaid athletes, although he does have the gentleman image UPS likes and there are plenty of highly paid also ran jerks so it could be worse.
  19. upsdude

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    Here's a post from a racing board about Dale Jarrett................

    Posted by: Matt Morgan on Apr 6, 2005
    I just wanted to let all of you know that Tuesday was a very special day for our little guy who has endured so much over the past few months.
    With the help of Steve Dillion, Tom Blackwell and Kevin Whitaker of Greenville Pickens Speedway Little Jarrett got to spend a half hour or so with his favorite Nascar driver: Dale Jarrett.

    Dale took time to let Jarrett ask him numerous questions about his UPS Ford he was testing at Greenville Pickens in preperation for Martinsville this weekend. Jarrett could not have been happier decked out in his Dale Jarrett wardrobe that Dale had sent to him sometime back.

    Tuesday was a day Jarrett his mother and father, Dean and Lori and myself will never forget. Jarrett had always wanted to meet his racing hero and with the help of the Greenville Pickens Speedway and Dale Jarrett it was made possible.

    Dale Jarrett is a true champion and a true gentlemen and you could never ask for a nicer guy anywhere.

    Matt Morgan
    Caring for Jarrett

    Little Jarrett as he has become known, is battling cancer.
  20. swingdriver

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    So, I guess it's really true, "Nice guys finish last."