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    Good analogy and consequential point.
    I remember when JFK got shot. I was 9 years old and outside playing softball on recess/phys ed when the teacher's came out and made us go back in. I remember my teacher crying ... obviously a woman since men didn't cry back then.

    9/11 stands out as well. I was in my cubicle slowly spinning in my chair when someone came by telling us about it and that it was on TV. I got to the TV just as the second plane hit and I thought it was a replay of the first plane.
    Ate lunch at the PDK airport restaurant and while we were eating police officers came in and asked what we were doing there. Eating and leaving ... the whole place was crawling with men with guns. They closed the airport and the restaurant for at least a week. A policeman told us the concern was that someone would take off and crash into an Atlanta skyscraper.
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  2. Old Man Jingles

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    Still got that chair?
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    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    I was at work at the Counter when I saw it on the TV set that was at the HR department next to us. It was so surreal, I still remember the anger that I felt for anybody that would think of doing such a evil deed. I knew we were at "war" then and that somebody, somewhere was about to pay dearly.

    Like Old Man Jingles..I still clearly remember JFK's assassination make in "63". I also was in elementary school when the teacher suspended school and told us about it, she was crying also.
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    Was still at home when the towers were hit. Went into work, had a mall route that day. Some of the stores who had offices in the towers were closed. Very quiet all day at the mall.

    I had the honor of visiting the World Trade Center and 9/11 museum last year. It's takes you back to that day and leaves you very humbled.
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    nope but I still have the same underwear
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    Yup I remember looking up at the sky after the North Tower was hit (when they still thought it was accidental) and before the 2nd plane hit the South Tower and thought....there isn’t a cloud in the sky...how the hell didn’t they see the Trade Center?
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    9/11 was an inside job...the buildings were built for a plane collision..management is the enemy !!
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    Wasn't trump involved in the twin towers project? Makes you wonder? Where was he that day?

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    Wrapping up another :censored2:ty day at Oak Harbor Freight Lines.
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    Getting ready for work. Wallet, smokes, Coca-Cola, granola bars in my pockets, keys. Glancing at the tv out of the corner of my eye, I thought I was looking at an ad for yet another moronic action movie with Mel Gibson or some other Hollywood clown. Planes flying into buildings. Drama, explosions, blood, and action! Oughta' entertain the slack-jawed masses and rake in the cash at the box office! Yawn...why did I even bother turning the tv on today? And the fifteen minute drive to work. The radio in my truck had been stolen a month before. Forgot to lock the door. I hoped whoever stole it got his ass beat by whoever he sold it to. The CD player had stopped working. And of all things, it was an Alpine. Those are supposed to be good. Not junk! Whatever... it came with the truck when I bought it. A beater with a heater. And a new clutch. So the receipt claimed. I believed it. Felt new. Started to engage with the pedal just above the floor.

    The radio in the company van was exactly where I had left it on saturday evening. And I listened while I worked unloading boxes in an alley that reeked of urine and sun baked, overflowing dumpsters. The glinting bodies of green and blue flies buzzing. Like tiny, pretty pieces of colored glass. Landing only to rub their forelegs together and feast upon filth. And screw. But they can do that while they're flying...right? Yes, probably.

    The boss and the boss's drunken idiot son got into a loud, profane shouting match about twenty yards away from me. I had no idea why they were fighting. And never did find out why, exactly. I pretended not to notice. Nose to the grindstone.

    The fat, blonde, middle aged, sunburned red, crazy homeless bag lady strolled by with her cart. She was a regular here. Her uncombed hair resembled the profile of a disturbed bird about to take flight. She paused to join in the shouting match. Just for fun. I guess. Like how when one dog starts barking and other dogs join in and bark for no gawdamm reason. I remember the flab above her elbows jiggling as she gestured wildly. I could tell she was likely very good looking in her day. Before she found a loser boyfriend who got her into drugs so he could get up her skirt. Or when the bats started flying around in her bell-tower so that no one could stand her and she became a stink-beast. Same as her mother.

    Later in the day as the facts of the events of 9-11 became clear to me, I was even happier I was out of the Navy and nearly four years past inactive reserve status. Hardly a chance I would be recalled and go back to floating around in a tin-can. Nope. They'd have to drag me.

    After 9-11, lotsa' people volunteered for the armed forces though. Idiots. Acting like they're patriots. Only reason most of them enlisted was because they were too stupid to get a job anyways... just like me when I'd enlisted eleven years before.

    DELACROIX In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier

    Always one in the crowd..:wacko:
  14. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.
    No Jews died on 9-11
    Clearly is was a vast Zionist Conspiracy to start a war on Islam.

    Islam is a Religion of Peace.
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  15. over9five

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    Lol, wow, that was awesome.
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    George Bush Senior ,when interviewed 15 years after the JFK assasination had only a vague idea that he , Bush, was somewhere in Texas at the time JFK was shot.
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    Dude if you ever wrote a novel, I’d buy a copy. That was great.
  18. bleedinbrown58

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    100% agree.
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  19. Redtag

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    I was tech at a now closed Lincoln mercury dealer and I will never forget that morning. Our lube tech came running into the shop and said one of the towers got hit and it was leaning over. So most of us went to the customer waiting room to see. I was watching just before the second plane hit and was telling the lube guy it was not leaning over and some private plane probably hit it when the second plane hit..... for most of that morning that break room T.V was surrounded by techs, writers, customers and salespeople.

    I was so mad I wanted to join the army and kill terrorists, at the time I was in my mid twenties and told my then wife when I got home I was going to join the army and she told me I was nuts... she said your 5-6 years older than the other recruits and out of shape! You will end up fixing tanks in the desert they won’t even give you a gun....

    She was great at crushing my dreams..
  20. Operational needs

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    I was trying to explain to my 18 year old how much our country has changed since that day. She still doesn’t get the enormity of it since it’s her normal.