9.5 Arbitration decision - Or - Why clear contract language is important

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by zubenelgenubi, Sep 19, 2019.

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    They're always retraining supes. May as well train people who actually do work that matters.
  2. They don't care about us. It's just a business
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  3. browned out

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    This is from the Central States Supplement. Could it be applied in regards to maintaining the average hours of RPCDs work weeks for the 1st year and a half of the current CBA? Protecting RPCD straight time and OT hours?

    The Employer agrees that all conditions of employment in his/her
    individual operation relating to wages, hours of work, overtime differentials
    and general working conditions shall be maintained at not
    less than the highest standards in effect at the time of the signing of
    this Agreement, and the conditions of employment shall be
    improved wherever specific provisions for improvement are made
    elsewhere in this Agreement. It is agreed that the provisions of this
    Section shall not apply to inadvertent or bona fide errors made by
  4. BigUnionGuy

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    The 30 year guy that (allegedly) has filed NLRB charges against his Local, and is

    (allegedly) running for Local office to "throw the bums out";

    Is now.... just reading the contract ?

  5. lolbr

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    They should also be forced to pay pension contributions for all hours supervisors work in won grievances.
  6. barnyard

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    Should find out very soon.

    In my building, 2 drivers were over 9/5 before prime week and then again during prime week. All the others, it was their 1st occurrence. The time between my 1st penalty week and 2nd, I worked over 9/5 all weeks, including all Fridays.

    Monday, I am going to go in and suggest that my grievance go to panel, as I am pretty sure that I fit the 'continual' definition.

    Since prime week, I have had only 1 week where I worked over 9/5 1 day. All the rest were 2 days over and all those weeks, the 2nd day was on Friday. There were 2 weeks, that they cut 1 1/2 sections off me on Thursday, and then screwed me on Friday.

    Going over 9/5 in my building means punching out after 1850. I am sick to death of working past 1900.
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  7. They could fix a lot of this but they refuse to

    A lot of the guys could handle 9.5 if we could get out of the building a little earlier.

    And when the days are light ( which is very few anymore) quit over cutting routes and let people get done early for a change.
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  8. barnyard

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    Not enough package cars.

    Right now, we have 2 rentals in our building. 1 of them is used everyday, the other is a back up. We just received a p1000 that needs plates. I am guessing we need 4-6 more of various sizes just to maintain, nevermind how many we would need to have a handful of 22.4 guys run partial days to eliminate OT.
  9. We have at least a dozen of red tags that have been sitting in the yard all year, untouched
  10. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    Everyone is working in my building. We have 'cut routes' that need to be bid, as they have been in for 2 months.
  11. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    I am guessing that our building will go to a 9:30 start time for peak. We are at 9:10 now and regularly have a day of late air where we do not leave till 940/945.
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  12. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    They need to pay the grievances filed before we go after more.
  13. We was starting at 10 last year during peak.
    Safety my ass. That's lots of hours of list daylight time
  14. zubenelgenubi

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    That's the way my building is right now too. But when we a properly staffed, and not enough drivers are out on vacation, they will let the low seniority guys sit and rot rather than put in a couple more routes to keep everyone at a reasonable workload.
  15. browned out

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    And the BUG who may or may not have friends or former colleagues soon to be indighted offers no insight to a valid question.

    Joker. He probably has a closet full of Teamster watches and jackets.

    Did the Teamsters use the same corrupt vendor as the UAW?

    Feds: 58,000 UAW watches never handed out, but kickbacks were
    Exactly the response one would expect from a person with a lot to hide.
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  16. browned out

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    Thanks for the non-answer.

    Get over self. Try to offer some insight and assistance regarding RPCDs keeping their hours. 40 at least plus their average OT.

    Craft a grievance that would stand up at arbitration.

    Thanks pal.
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  17. hondo

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    "...Why clear contract language is important": because you're NOT going to win in arbitration, what you couldn't get at the bargaining table.
    edit: This is what I've learned from my Local. Don't get misunderstand me, if you think you have a valid grievance, you're welcome to go through the process of analyzing/vetting a possible arbitration case with them. But unless you have some unique situation that has not been previously addressed, then most likely the above principle applies.
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    he couldn't craft anything but ham and eggs
  19. UnconTROLLed

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    can't even get the latter with this union..lol
  20. MenInBrown

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    It’s official. We have NO 9.5 protection. Almost every 9.5 grievance at my building this morning got thrown out. And the union agreed to it. Also there is something new. If you didn’t take your whole hour lunch, Those got thrown out as well. And one guy only took 30 minutes of lunch, and had a planned day of over 9.5, and it still got thrown out.