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    "We have heard from our members and harrassment takes many forms" OK, now they say they are going to be able to watch the staffing of centers and see if they are understaffed. If drivers dont have 4 years driving the company can 9.5 them all they want???? Where is the FAIRNESS in that? Where is the SAFETY in that? How can a center show that they are understaffed if they have so many drivers under 4 years and can 9.5 the crap out of them?

    How in the world is that solving the 9.5 issue? How is that solving the staffing issue? If the company can keep over working the less 4 year guys why should they need to hire anybody? Especially if the union isnt going to recognize the hours they are working? You know the 9.5 new language isnt bad except for that major LOOPHOLE! The 9.5 language should apply to any full time driver PERIOD. IF thats the way the contract is going to read why in the crap would any NEW driver want to pay union dues if the UNION is going to sell them down the river for the first 4 years of their career? Pay union dues and not get treated the same is total horse crap I dont care how you look at it.

    For those that write in and say OH you must have less than the 4 years. I will be really close and to me it really isnt about that. To me it looks like the Company scored a major win on that issue if it passes.
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    You are right.
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    You are also missing another element of the "new" language. No longer will "cover", "utility" or "vacation cover" drivers be able to get on the 9.5 list. Only route drivers who are assigned to a route that runs monday through friday.

    Bid drivers cannot get on the list and THEY will be worked the hardest.


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    Employees within the "full-time driver classification" shall be eligible for the protection of this Section provided: (1) the employee covers a route for a full week; (2) the employee bids or is assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that bid or assignment due to reassignment by the Employer; "or""or""or""or""or""or""or""or"(meaning that compliance to only (1) one of the provisions need to be met, not all) (3) an employee with four (4) years of seniority as a full-time package driver.

    My suggestion is that your stewards should focus attention on (1) and (2) for cover drivers. Cover drivers need to and can file if covering vacations or covering for an injury. The need to address this issue on day one of covering a route.
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    Not correct.
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    This is incorrect at least what I read in the paper the Teamsters sent me.