9.5 list.

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    I find it very funny and odd that I run .36-.64 paid over on my route religiously and now all of a sudden since the 9.5 list is in action I jump to a hour plus paid over while doing the same amount of work??? Lol
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    Watch This 100 Times You Will Still Laugh - YouTube
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    I don't know what the hell they are talking about and it might be tragic because the woman starts sobbing...........but the moderator just plain lost it with the guy's voice. I cracked up........like laughing in church!!
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    I hate to say it but that's logistics.
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    When your time studies vary like the weather in January,

    That's logistics.
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    My God, I came back & watched that video 3 hours later & it still makes me laugh. I swear, We had a PCM about a driver slipping in dog crap. A few days later was PCM'd about dog bites. I mumbled 2 another that I'd rather go down like that then go done slipping in dog crap. We both struggled threw that pcm almost crying not to laugh.

    I could watch that vid 100 times & still LMAO.
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    At least they care about your personal safety. Keep that in mind when you punch out at 9:30pm.
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    Oh, I'm sure some management person will come on here and say its just a coincidence that its changed....ummm yeah right. At least your laughing about it....it still :censored2: me off so bad when I have days where I'm doing more stops and more pieces picked up and have a higher sporh but am more overallowed more than other days.