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    Hello all ! Hope everyones doing ok out there in UPS land. My family and I have succesfully made the transition from Los Angeles to Great Britain and we love it out here. The Kids started their new schools today and were all a bit nervous thismorning but came home thisafternoon with big smiles on their faces after having a great day and meeting new friends. My wife is working as a care assistant looking after mentally challenged adults and says its really easy as she has looked after me for the last 20 years so she is quite expierienced (lol) I am working as a delivery / pick up driver for a company that exports wild game, boar, rabbits, pheasents, grouse,deer etc etc to supermarkets and butchers all over the UK France and Holland so I`m getting to see a lot of the countryside over here.
    I had an interview with UPS for a driving position in the county of Shropshire where I live, the interview went great and I was told the job was mine if I wanted but after much deliberation I turned it down for a few reasons, first off the hub was in Stoak which is about 160 mile round trip from where I reside ( 4 hours of travel time each day) secondly with gas being 1.04 pounds a litre (9 buck$ a gallon) it would cost me an arm and a leg to travel and thirdly drivers out of the Stoak hub only make about 7 pounds an hour ( 11 bucks) because the Shropshire area deliveries are sub contracted to a private owner operater. UPS is not a union job over here so they are able to auction off the areas that dont have a lot of deliveries each day, mostly rural areas. I must say i was a bit bummed out about the pay, if it was a couple of bucks more an hour I would of taken the job in a heartbeat but as it is everything has worked out fine. My new Job is only 5 minutes away from home the pay is not bad and I get as much OT as I want. Apart from gas its quite reasonable to live out here, we got a 5 bedroom 2 story 3 bathroom kitchen diningroom livingroom and study with a decent yard for about 500 pounds a month which is a quarter of what I was paying for a much smaller house in Los Angeles and you can pick up used cars in great condition dirt cheep over here also. The Internet is soooooooo slow it drives me nutz but at least im finaly online again. So I hope all my brown cafe buds are all in good health and doing ok, you know who you are if anyones coming to jolly old England any time soon I have an extra room and I love to entertain I hope its OK for an EX UPS employee to post on here ... God Bless all, Jamie Wall:happy-very:
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    Glad all has went well for you and your family. Good luck in the future. You are welcome any time. You will be treated as always,. a little ban here, a little censorship there:greedy:You know how us mean mods are. Seriously Enjoy your fresh start!!
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    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

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    Welcome back, UK Guy!
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    Glad to hear you & yours are doing well. I propose a tacos & beer salute, everyone! :wink2:
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    Has UK guy met Klein???
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    They should have a forum for just the 2 of them..............please !!!:knockedout:
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    I've heard that they really butcher the English language over there. Is that true?:happy-very:
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    My Birthday is the 12 of October .....
  10. The-UK-Guy

    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

    Tacos are really hard to find over here Beer is very easy
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    Glad youre doin good UKGuy
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    just read his post lol
  13. The-UK-Guy

    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

  14. The-UK-Guy

    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

    Its true
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    good luck/.To you and family.
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    Dont forget to drink your beer warm and drive on the wrong side of the road.:happy-very:
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    Don't touch the Queen. I hear it's not proper etiquette.
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    good for you.
    almost everyone i know who left this place is better off
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    Welcome, now just wait for the drunken youths who prowl virtually town. They are beyond the Police because stopping them would be a breach of their human rights, even when they kick some poor soul to death for asking them the time they get away with it because the nearest officer is a 30 min drive away and cant use handcuffs in case they hurt the poor lambs wrists.
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    I couldnt deal with living in the UK; if I call the police in an emergency I am going to want someone to show up with a gun, not a funny hat and a stick.