a way to beat excessive overtime

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    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

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    This same guy will be crying to his BA that it's not fair he lost his job. This kind of crap, gives those of us who actually want to keep our jobs and do it safely, a bad name. This is a fine example of why I love telematics, if management would just use it for "recording while idling or moving" to get turds like this off the road. Bet this guy has been scratching for years as management turns a blind eye.
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    That's a supervisor in the making.
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    Look at the supervisors we have today, I am sorry to say but it's a joke. They are afraid to make a decision, ask a question they don't know. It's scary because they are our future.

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    Not their fault !
    Every sup gets micromanaged by their superior and another 1 level higher.
    Mistakes cost money so they are not allowed to make any.