Accident in Personal Vehicle

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    Just curious, but what is the proper procedure of notification to UPS when a full time package car driver gets into an accident with their own personal vehicle completely unrelated to UPS work or property on their day off, assuming there are no injuries nor any summonses issued, and the driver will not miss any scheduled shifts driving? I tried looking this up in the master union contract without success. Thanks in advance!
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    I thought you only had to report Tickets
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    Were you cited or found to be at fault?
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    Let's say for argument's sake, there were no citations issued, it was a rear end collision, no sustainable injuries and the off duty UPS driver was at fault.
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    no worries. carry on.
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    Just make sure you're truthful on the yearly report you fill out. Other than that they don't need to know
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    Good thing the Hooker wasn't hurt. Next time, park somewhere.
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    Don't hit nuthin'.