Accidentally Upset 2 customers this week

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  1. One that happened the other day was just funny, at one of the apt complexes on my route I have a customer that is very weird she called and made a complaint that and I quote from the complaint sheet, "I don't want this driver to deliver to my unit anymore as he made me uncomfortable and seemed like he was flirting with me when he said 'hi'." She's a pill popper about 55 and I'm 26 so my sups and the apt manager all had a giggle.
    Today I had a customer that ordered a kitchen sink and called me back from my truck to tell me that I was to stand there and watch him open and inspect it though the box was in perfect shape, I proceeded to explain to him that he can refuse it but, if he opens it I cannot take it back(this is what I have been told by my managers for years). An if there is damage he will have to deal with the shipper and UPS directly. He then proceeded to tell me that the shippers instructions were to do so. He then gets his phone and takes a video of what I told him and specifically asked if I was saying that I can't stay and watch him open and inspect, I told him yes that's what I'm saying and on turn he wasted almost 8 mins of my time on an already heavy day. So that being said do you guys feel I handled that correctly? As I did explain it all in a very professional manner as well
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    Try to not be recorded next time, if possible. I would have said exactly what you did but then would have nicely said I have to get going, and I would leave. I would then immediately call the center and give them a heads up in case he calls in a "concern". It usually only takes one encounter like this to stop a customer from repeating it. But if you give in and watch him open it, he will expect it every time you deliver.
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    Explain our policy and leave. Had the same problem with a guy that ordered rims a few weeks back. I said your more than welcome to refuse them but as soon as you open the box their yours. Said all this while unloading them. Didn't cost me any time.

    Oh I'll add hand them an info notice with the 800 number circled. Say if u have any problems call this number.
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    Im not going to participate in a
    conversation with anyone who is trying to record me on their phone.

    It doesnt matter how polite or professional you are, they can edit it and take your words out of context and have you looking like a complete :censored2: and visible world wide on YouTube in less than 5 minutes.

    You were right to try being polite but in this case you were dealing with an uninformed fool who made a bad situation even worse by wanting to fil you. You say you wasted 8 minutes there? Thats about 7 1/2 minutes too long.
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    One, never be recorded. Two, if a clown like this try's it, put the biggest smile and in the most sugar coated polite voice only say " I'm sorry but you do not have my or UPS permission ,expressed or implied,to make any recording of me. Thank you for using UPS!". And walk away.
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    You spent 8 minutes trying to explain the policy?? That is 7:30 too long. Briefly explain the policy, tell them to call the toll free if they have any questions/concerns and then leave. Nothing good can come out of spending 8 minutes trying to deal with an idiot.
  7. No he made it take that long as he was baffled that I wouldn't take the time to wait for him to open it etc, I kept trying to cut out and leave but he was very insistent on asking me to explain what our policy was, I made the time up eventually yesterday but am just baffled at how hard apparently that was to understand.
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    "Sir, this is our policy, if you have any further questions/concerns please call this number (write down number on box), have a nice day."
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    You know it's amazing how many drivers don't follow this policy. I deliver to a lot of businesses that say oh just let me open everything and check on it real quick. I explain the policy and then I hear all kinds of whining. Oh the regular guy lets us open them everyday.
  10. That is pretty much what I was doing and this jerk just kept interrupting me and wasting my time
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    When I first started the run I am on now the previous driver would let customers open everything. One day I was at a service station/garage and had a COD for them. I walked in and gave them the shippers name and check total. They wanted to look at it first. When I told them the policy they said, "Well, Old Bud used to let us open up everything" to which I replied, "Well, I am not Old Bud---this is our policy---will it be cash, check or money order?" The customer got within 6" of my face and called me an a**hole. I then told he could pick up his package at the center.
  12. Ya I have a few customers on the route I'm on that haven't exactly "warmed" up to me so to speak because I am in and out at my stops it's good morning, where would you like these?(if its a stop I've never been to) could you sign for me?, last name?, thanks have a nice day. Quite a few of the customers don't like that I don't hang around and talk like "John".
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    I had customers "claim" the other driver always let them open the package first. Customers lie.
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    Really? But I thought the customer was always right?:wink2:
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    I would state the company policy then add that if we did that for everyone people would want to try on clothes to make sure they fit or install the part to see if it worked. Sometimes a little extra explanation or logic helps.
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    I was having the standard "you cant open it until you sign for it" argument with a customer one time. He decided to be a jerk and grab the packages off of the counter and set them on a little table behind the counter where I couldnt reach them. He then proceeded to open them up anyway while I stood there, unable to to do anything. He did (eventually) sign for them and pay the COD with a smug look on his face and a sarcastic attitude. He dropped the attitude real quick the following day when I came into the store with nothing but the COD labels that I had cut off of the packages (this was pre-DIAD) and told him that, from now on, I would leave nothing but the labels in the morning so that he could write the checks, and that the packages themselves would stay in the truck and only be available to him when I returned in the afternoon for their scheduled pickup. A week or two of that got his attitude squared away.
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    I always love the "well, the other guy does such and such". Sorry, I am not that other guy.

    It actually happened today. Had a stop in a mall which has 2 stores on 2 different floors. The label had the 3rd floor suite #, and when I went to drop it, it was too much for the woman so she asked me to take it to the other. No ma'am. Well, the other guy did it last time. Sorry, it IS our policy.

    Explain the policy quickly, firmly, AND respectfully, then walk away
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    Usually the "the other driver..........." argument can be countered with " my other customers pay me $10 to.........."
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    I just hand them a D note and point to the 800 # on the back.
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    I would have told him to turn off the camera, and call my manager..Let them deal with this crap.. I would have given him the number and walked away..