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Guy sounds kinda creepy, honestly. You should pursue somebody who doesn’t seem like they might end up trying to hide your body someday.

Tell him straight up that you think he’s hot and would like a lunch hour with him like any big girl would when she’s hungry for brown.


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You need to make the first move. I know of plenty of drivers that got in trouble for thinking the good looking girl was actually interested in them. Leave no doubt in his mind that your interested, if he’s not, still be cool. It’s easy.


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Being a route driver back when I was single I had a rule not to date anyone on my route, why you ask? Because if i break up with you and it's not on good terms I dont want to be seeing you while I'm at work. That said you should just ask him out, if he says no then you got your answer. If he says yes please refrain from bringing your Amazon returns on the date for him to bring back for you.