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    So UPS pays Aetna to call us for a Life Coach. But can't they at least pick the day and time a little better? Three calls in the middle of peak. Christmas Eve @ 11:00 a.m. Seriously, do they really think all of us work the same schedule as Atlanta?
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    I can't believe you had time to answer!:wink-very:
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  4. I did the life coach program, IMHO, a total waste of company money...
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    Tell them not to call you anymore.
    I had Medco call me at 9am or something when I had something like a 4pm feeder start. Told me he was gonna save me some money on my prescriptions. I said I was sleeping and he woke me up. He asked me a good time to call?
    I said after 2pm, I swear the phone rang at 2:05. He goes over my prescriptions and says he can't really save me any money. My only long term 'scrip doesn't have a generic equivalent. I told him NEVER call again. They haven't, I've since gotten rid of the landline. Too many political robocalls, (funny they can get around the do not call list).