After 30 working days?

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    I am on my 21st working day today. So far I have heard that after 30 working days I will see the first deduction from my check for union initiation dues. Being that I was hired close to peak, rumors have circulated that they may try to "hold" me over so that I have to work through peak without being a union member. I will make 30 working days well before October 15th, but I am curious as to weather or not I will make union book. So far I have seen training class after training class of peak workers come in, usually 10-15 people at a time. I don't think I am one of those, my class was only 3 people. Can they do this? Or is it an automatic thing, 30 work days = union enrollment?
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    When you punch in on your 30th day you get your union seniority date. I think as long as you reach seniority before the end of the free period you're in. I'm not 100% sure. You might have to get it before Nov 1st, either way it sounds like your in.
    Congratulations and Good luck.
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    you can join tommorow go to shop tewart and sign i was at day 5 i was in good luck new brother or sister.
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    I guess it depends, after my 30 days were up I was told, "oh...well that was a free period... it doesn't count" Hoping to get some answers when I go back in October.