ALERT! Non Freight Employees Receiving Freight Return Ballot Envelopes!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Stratocaster, May 30, 2013.

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    There seem to be an error with the return envelopes. Many non Freight employees are receiving Freight return ballot envelopes, while others are receiving the correct "UPS National Negotiation Committee" return envelopes. I'm not sure if this is done by design or is a genuine error on the IBT's part. Will a vote count if its sent to the incorrect division?
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    Its done by design. Its a cheap attempt at delaying ballots from being returned on time. By the time they acknowledge it, ballots will have been sent back already, and then, wont be counted.


  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ....or....and this is more likely....a human error was made.....there would not be enough time to send out the correct envelopes so the independent firm in charge of the election will have to take this error in to account when counting the ballots.
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    Where is Arlen Specter when you need him ?
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    So, let me get this straight. Just the simple task of getting the correct voting ballot envelopes to the proper members is screwed up? And they want us to trust them with organizing our health care plan? If the Teamsters can't handle the simple things...............................................then the details of providing this health care system will really confuse them.
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    And yet the conspiracy theorists really believe Hoffa is sitting in a dark room somewhere stuffing envelopes. If this mishap indeed has taken place, the return envelope has an eligibility required name on it and will be correctly separated and counted at the INDEPENDENT FIRMS time and expense.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The election process is handled by an independent firm----the Teamsters provide them with the information to be printed on the ballots. The firm in turn establishes two separate mailing addresses, one for freight and the other for package. The ballots are printed, collated and inserted along with a blank envelope in to the pre-printed envelopes. A third envelope is given a mailing label created from the list provided by the Teamsters for mailing of these packets to our homes. Obviously someone at the print shop inserted the wrong return envelope in to the package envelopes. The firm will be made aware of the error and will have to separate the ballots based on division, not on the envelope they came in. The time, expense and inconvenience of trying to correct what is hopefully a small, regional error can be eliminated with a little common sense.

    Of course the freight guys who wanted to vote in person and were assured by me that the voting process was foolproof will have a field day with this.
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    Our contract meeting its tomorrow and I'll be taking my incorrect return envelope and be demanding a correct UPS return envelope so that I can be sure my vote is counted correctly.
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    reydluap Active Member missed my point..............
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    No, I didn't---I just showed that it was an invalid one.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Just received my ballot in the mail here in CT

    My return envelope says UPS FREIGHT NATIONAL NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE as well

    They won't know what I'm voting for until they open the first class envelope THEN my Secret Ballot envelope

    The Teamster website and my local doesn't have any information yet if something went wrong
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    Spoke to my BA about the matter and the union hall is still investigating the error. The more time that goes by without and explanation to the incorrect return envelope, the more I think this was done intentionally.
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    I bet 407 and Stink got the right return ballot envelope.
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    This notice has been sent to all Local Unions with UPS members from the IBT. Our BA has posted it on our local bulletin board.

    Some of the packets of ballots mailed to UPS Package Teamsters contain a return envelope that says "UPS Freight" on the front.

    Please be assured that all of these will be counted in the UPS Package Referendum with the appropriate supplements and riders. The envelopes contain a unique identification code that allows the Independent Election Supervisor to make sure the ballot is counted with the UPS Package Referendum.

    In addition, all ballots are clearly marked as to which Agreement the ballots are for and they are color coded. Observers and the Election Supervisor will be able to clearly see that they are being sorted and counted with the proper Agreement.

    There is no need to request a replacement ballot. Please return the ballot in the envelope that was in your packet and it will be counted.

    We apologize for any confusion.

  16. EasyTrucker

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    My contract highlight pamphlet that came with my ballot was also about the UPS Freight contract, not the UPS contract.
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    Bottom line is that mistakes like this should NEVER happen in an important vote such as this one. We only ask that once every 5 years that someone in charge of this matter gets the correct return envelope sent to us.

    You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right even if your blindfolded and they still screw it up. Imagine these people trying to deliver packages to the correct address each day with 150-200 stops on their package car. These types of mistakes only opens the door for speculation, criticism, and even legal action if the vote is contested either way. Lawyers have a field day with these types of errors..

    I maintain that I want the CORRECT RETURN ENVELOPE sent to me. No excuses thank you....

  19. PT Stewie

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    The envelopes go to the same place ,and yes it was some kind of human error. The inner envelope has your name and local with a bar code and the ballots within are a differant color and I believe freight has only one ballot ( differant color) and package has two ballots (one national and one suppliment) .We have already posted notices in our building and all the stewards have been informed of the issue.
    It is important that everybody votes either yes or no to show solidarity.We need to show UPS we are together as sister and brother teamsters regardless of what our opinion of the TA is.
    Our notice clearly states"There is no need to request a replacement ballot.Please return the ballot in the envelope that was in your packet and it will be counted."
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    UPS Ballot Screwup & How to Get Your Vote Counted | Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    UPS Ballot Screwup & How to Get Your Vote Counted | Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    UPS Ballot Screwup & How to Get Your Vote Counted | Teamsters for a Democratic Union