Am I reading this right?

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  1. browner89

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    I'm just curious if I'm understanding this correctly or not:

    I'm reading this as that:

    If I work on a Sunday I'm subject to double time + holiday pay (4 hours for part time, 8 for full) for working Sundays. My normal work week starts on a Monday, not Sunday evening, Sunday is an extra day for us.

    Am I correct on my assessment or am I misunderstanding the contract?

    Another question, if we're working Sundays in addition to Monday through Friday do we get overtime pay for all of Friday as well due to it being our 6th punch in? I couldn't find anything about that in my supplement but I'm also not the best at finding these things in contracts due to the language used.

    Thanks for all the help.
  2. bleedinbrown58

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    I would assume yes...double time for sunday work..however...if you are PT...i dont believe you'll get OT for your sixth punch. We get OT after 5 hours...and after 40 straight time hours...the way I understand it.
  3. browner89

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    Yeah, I had heard about the 6th punch language but couldn't find it in the contract anywhere so had my doubts.
  4. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Check with your steward to be sure. Thats the way it was explained to me.
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    Good advice here, may want to have your b.a. Look over the language as well. If your supplement says Sunday is double time you should get that. As for the 6th punch I know as a full-timer you get it, not sure about part time. If you go over 40 hours it should be overtime. I'm a steward and sometimes it's nice to read the contract with the BA to clarify the intent of the language.
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    No, you don't get holiday pay, unless it is a holiday. If, the word "the" wasn't in "to the holiday pay" I would agree with you. Little word, big difference.
  7. Mugarolla

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    Sounds like you are part time. Did you read Section 3?

    Section 3

    When operating schedules require that part time employees work on
    a holiday, they shall be given the next day off as the holiday. If
    required to work that next day, they shall be given the premium pay
    for holiday work. If not required to work that next day, they shall
    be given holiday pay. However, the work done on the holiday itself
    shall be paid for at regular rates.

    You only get double time for working a holiday if you are scheduled to work the following day.

    You may or may not get double time for working Sunday. It says you get double time for an "established" Sunday operation. If they put in a Sunday operation for peak, is this an "established" Sunday operation subject to double time? How long does it have to be in for to be considered "established?" I am not in the Central PA Supplement, so I do not know.

    As for your 6th punch, your supplement does not specify time and a half for a 6th punch. It does in the Central, but not in the Central PA. It does not specify time and a half if you have reached 30 hours for the week already like some supplements. You may be straight time even for your 6th day.

    You need to talk to your BA or steward. I'm sure these issues have already been clarified.