And the women’s weight lifting champion is....

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It'll be interesting to watch biological women start to really put their feet down and insist that the insanity stop.


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This craziness all started with women's lib---or even if you go back further it was when women were given the right to vote. Been down hill ever since.

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Did he get his dumbbells removed? If not the ladies should be able to kick him in the dumbbells before the event.


And they’d be shamed to no end and called bigots.

This is a super simple thing XX and XY.
Even then it’s not so simple. There are basically roided up women, that are not only unafraid of the consequences of taking testerone, they are seeking those consequences that have no business competing with other women. Any woman who wanted to compete on a high level would have to identify as a man and get a free pass on taking hormone replacement therapy.