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  1. Finally got my ticket out. Got word last Friday that I landed a job I've been working on since February at a large union company locally. In two years I'll be making more than a topped out courier. Not rubbing it in, but this is a huge help in raising my family.

    I'll probably still be around the board because I have very close friends and family that are too far in to leave. I wish it would get better because I really love the job itself but I can't wait around for it to get better if it ever does. All I can say is keep fighting the good fight and don't give in.

    We need to quit fighting Ground vs Express and work together to accomplish what will benefit us all. Not sure it will happen but it's worth throwing out there.

    If someone could send me a link to union cards to print and sign I'd be happy to hand them out at my station. I've been waiting for a prominent member here to get back to me and it hasn't happened yet.

    EDIT: btw I'll be the fourth courier in our station to leave in the last two months to leave our station. Kinda curious if this is happening other places as well. I've been with the company almost 7 years for what it's worth.
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    Happy trails and good luck. Hope everything goes well for you! Lucky!!
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    Hey, good for you! You'll so much happier too once you leave this sewage ship called FedEx.

    ​You're doing the right thing for yourself and your family.
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    Hoor-effing-RAY!! Another escapee from HELL!! Bravo Zulu, my friend...and stick around to help the rest of us. Best of success in your new job and keep spreading the faith among the prisoners still trapped here on Devil's Island.

    Sorry...I thought you were going to search the link. I'll find it and post it.

    OK, looks like the IBT is currently only interested in organizing American Airlines mechanics. However, since they are also under the RLA, you can sign the same card., and then click on the region you want to sign a card for. Maybe if they get enough cards from us instead of AA employees they will get a clue. The AA workgroup is small, unlike the courier workgroup, in case you are wondering why they would try and organize AA and not us.
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    Great News! Nice to hear anyone take the wonderful advise from the Kool aid drinks when they say, "If you don't like it here then leave and find another job." Happy for you.
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    Best of luck. I'm jealous
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    Congratulations on the new gig.
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    Congrats on leaving this steaming pile of cow dung! Wish we all could walk away and leave Satan & Happy Hands to deliver! If things go my way in the near future after almost 19yrs I may very well be able to tell FedEx to pound it also!
  10. Thanks everyone! And thanks MFE for the link! I'll work on getting some cards signed before I leave. Even if the ibt isn't interested in Express at least it's something to build on.
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    That's right...they aren't interested. But a slew of cards could change that equation.
  12. Blaze a new trail. Congratulations.
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    Another great courier bites the dust at my station. Got a good "Union" job. boy does that make me jealous. around 7 years at fedex and gets raise day one at other job. Keep it up Fred
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    That great courier will need 4 "DRA-era" couriers to replace them....2 on the AM and 2 on the PM. Memphis must think this pencils-out somehow. It doesn't.
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    Mumphis thinks they'll save the overtime and have coverage for the "unforeseen". Not to mention, by the time these young guys realize what they signed up for, they'll leave before becoming vested in the retirement(savings account) the company offers. Brown is Rolls Royce and this company is any used car on an independent lot. I only wish I knew all this going in. I wouldn't have wasted so many years working for penny pinchers. Brown, what a great retirement they offer. The word has gotten out. I had a brown guy ask me about a few things and I told him, nothing he heard wasn't true. He said, " I thought you guys were like us". I laughed all the way into the building.
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    Congrats! I am following right behind you. Less than 2 weeks left.

    And to answer your question about people leaving, we have seen a lot of unrest, but I am the first to leave. I hope there are many to follow.
  17. To steal a line from vantexan:

    I'm free at last!

    Turned in my badge, fuel card and most of my uniforms this morning. Have to admit it feels a little strange since this had been the only "real" job I've had. Start at the new job Monday, can't wait to start.
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    You call this a "real" job???

    Congrats and best of luck to you!