Any Follow ups here on female package handlers?

3 done 3 to go

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Yep I started yesterday. It's definitely what I expected. All I need is to get more experience under my belt. Tonight I will increase my number a bit. I know 100 in an hr sucks but it was my first time so.

So after your 1st week. Did you get a hold of what your expected to do? Pick up box from here and put there.


ahhh....the mouth breathers
McDonald's and a couple dozen other jobs paying minimum wage and no benefits. Didn't Walmart recently pass UPS in starting wages and benefits? And more hours with no Union dues or initiation fees deducted.
I don't even know how much minimum wage is in NY...8 something an hour?


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Well I made it through my first full week of loading and I'm still alive. So if you bet I wouldn't last the 1st week you lost. Lol

They had me alone in trailer for awhile and I did ok. Now to get through week 2.