Any Follow ups here on female package handlers?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Brownies...mmm, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. KOG72

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    Midnight owl!!!!
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    curious to know if you made it past your first week? I started last week and I have to tell you it's straight hell for me. I'm loading 2 trailers by myself, not to mention I'm 5 feet so getting the wall to the height of the trailer is nearly impossible for me. Plus no one helps me load any of the trucks most of the damn boxes are nearly bigger than I am LBVS. I took this job to make some extra money but to be honest for me it is not worth it both my arms and legs are bruised to the point I look like I've been beaten. definitely not a job for a women, and all the guys their are just waiting for me to quit and although I didn't want to give them the satisfaction to me the job is not worth it
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    So you're going to be a quitter? It's probably for the best anyway. It will open a position for someone who needs and/or wants it more than you.
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    Don't quit! I'm a little over 5 feet, and they got me loading trailers by myself for majority of the night in the hardest PD (all of our local :censored2:, not national). You can do it! You just need the mindset for it :)
    I came out all bruised during my first 3 weeks, now it think my body is used to it because I haven't seen any, even if the packages hit me in some way. Don't quit, you can do it.
    Also, I have very little upper body strength. I can barely lift 33lbs over my head without struggling. If you can do that, you're already doing better than me ✌️
  5. Brianna

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    Also I've been at UPS for 7 months now, so it's possible. Just don't quit and keep working at your pace. The job WILL get done :)
  6. miss B

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  7. Wally

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    Don't quit. Over time, you will bulk up
    and get beefy!
  8. miss B

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    I totally suck at loading the packages I know it's kinda like playing tetris but it's so hard
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    Whats an
    LBVS ?
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    laughing but very serious :)
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    So are we. Keep eating. You will get there like the other gals.
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    Do they let you use a load stand?
  13. miss B

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    I did for one day but the supervisor said I should get use to learning how to load the boxed before starting to use the load stand-
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    That makes no sense.
  15. It is a good pt job for benefits. I'm 5'1" , 125, and hitting 50, been working at UPS 7 years. To load feeders, use the load stand. Don't put anything above 35 pounds over your head. I think that's even a UPS reg, but I've never seen any kind of "employee manual". Don't lift when you can, try to tip heavy objects so a corner is on the floor, ease it down and slide it. Drinks lots of water and get enough sleep. You gotta work at top speed for hours at a time. But work smart and safe. But if you're worried about bruises, this isn't for you. Not to mention developing "man-hands"! Good luck!
  16. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers had a general idea of the requirements of the job...what did you think you were going to be doing, answering phones in an office?
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  17. twoweeled

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    No doubt about it, it's a very tough place to work. I know I felt like quitting when I started. Don't feel bad about feeling like you want to quit. Your not alone. Most of us don't quit in the end. What your doing now, probably isn't worth it, if you don't need the money. The job really is more of a carrot thing. Put up with that crap and become a driver where you'll make some decent money. But even that job is becoming a bit screwed. It's a tough place to work, regardless of your position there. The whole place is difficult. It's up to you. Like I was told early on:
    It gets better, but it never gets good.
  18. twoweeled

    twoweeled Well-Known Member

    It's important you realize. Management couldn't care less about you. There are certain things you "have to" do, and things management would like to see you do. The two are not always the same. Talk to someone who knows, and learn the ropes. Don't let your mind spin at top speed. Self imposed pressure can burn you up. Learn what you have to do.
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  19. Wally

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    Do steriods.
  20. Dr.Brownz

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    Pretty much what Twoweeled said. Unless you are looking to become a driver in the future or other jobs at UPS there is no reason to make $10 an hour doing a hard job when you could make $10 an hour at an easy job.