Any Follow ups here on female package handlers?


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curious to know if you made it past your first week? I started last week and I have to tell you it's straight hell for me. I'm loading 2 trailers by myself, not to mention I'm 5 feet so getting the wall to the height of the trailer is nearly impossible for me. Plus no one helps me load any of the trucks most of the damn boxes are nearly bigger than I am LBVS. I took this job to make some extra money but to be honest for me it is not worth it both my arms and legs are bruised to the point I look like I've been beaten. definitely not a job for a women, and all the guys their are just waiting for me to quit and although I didn't want to give them the satisfaction to me the job is not worth it
Hi Miss B, Yes I did, this is my 7th week with UPS 6th week loading midnight shift. It's hard work to me but doable. I see some petite women doing trailers.

I'm the only female in my PD and I was fortunate enough to have guys that welcomed me and helped train me.(which definitely helped ) You will always be trying to prove yourself.

You have to do what's best for you not be worried about if the guys are waiting for you to drop out. The people here on BC said to me when I posted this that this job is not for everyone.

My hub had spots for unloading and preload also there are lots of females doing preload at my hub.


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Pretty much what Twoweeled said. Unless you are looking to become a driver in the future or other jobs at UPS there is no reason to make $10 an hour doing a hard job when you could make $10 an hour at an easy job.
OR, there are people who have a business or FT job with no benefits so they get them here.