Any retired drivers returning for peak?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by idrivethetruck, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. idrivethetruck

    idrivethetruck Slow & steady wins the race.

    We already have one that returned last week and I hear there are two more coming back to work soon.
  2. Mike hunt

    Mike hunt Guest

    We have three gluttons for punishment.
  3. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Sad. Just sad.
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  4. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    They need hobbies.
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  5. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Exactly Inde for real dude. You spend all them years hating peak and never being home at all and then right back to the shiznitty situation you left. I don't get it really lol.
  6. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I'm proud of our group of retirees-----------not a stupid one in the bunch.
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  7. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

  8. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    I met one that retired after 40 years and was back air driving....
  9. Packmule

    Packmule Well-Known Member

    Can't fathom myself coming back for peak if I was retired. Peak and winter are the main things I look forward to.
  10. Shift Inhibit

    Shift Inhibit He who laughs last didn't get it.

    can u imagine delivering to old customers?! how embarrassing... people probably wondering if you're doing ok.. financially
  11. bumped

    bumped Well-Known Member

    We have a few air driving.
  12. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Who the hell would want to come back to this stupidasczz job after the hell they put us through for all those years. I cant wait for the nightmare to be over with lol. A long terrible dream is what the job is lol.
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  13. Shift Inhibit

    Shift Inhibit He who laughs last didn't get it.

    I would make them beg me to come back, on their knees... the whole bit... LOL
  14. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    Some don't have a life. Some do it for the extra money. A retired package car driver coming back was told he would have a strictly residential route with a jumper all day. He does not even have to get out of the truck.

    An extra $6000 in his pocket. That would buy a lot of Christmas presents or a nice vacation. Personally, unless I was hard up for money, there ain't no way in hell I would do it.
  15. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    I would come back if they gave me this...420px-Bugatti_Veyron_16.4_–_Frontansicht_(1),_5._April_2012,_Düsseldorf.jpg
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  16. ZQXC

    ZQXC Guest

    not me
  17. BromwnnOmore

    BromwnnOmore New Member

    I got the call.DECLINE.Two of my fellow retirees came back.One is as giddy as a schoolgirl.If you knew his wife you would know why he couldn't wait to get away from home.The other is thinking he made a GIANT mistake but he keeps reminding himself of the 6 weeks on a warm Florida beach this prison sentence is paying for.To each their own
  18. Pooter

    Pooter Active Member

    Being :censored2:faced and sleeping on the couch not a hobby anymore? :D

    Anything has to be better than this.
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  19. Packmule

    Packmule Well-Known Member

    Should say "to leaving behind"
  20. You've Got Mail

    You've Got Mail Active Member

    Some people don't like sitting around doing nothing.

    Those people aren't me.
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