Any UPSers from Maui

Goin to Maui for a week on Thursday and got to thinking how interesting it would be to work out there. Been there before and It seems like a pretty laid back place. Just curious if there's anyone one the boards that has worked out of Maui or any of the other parts of Hawaii except Honolulu? With the cost of living so high out there, how much is top scale out there? I'm sure the trucks are fully equipped with a/c......LOL


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Wouldn't the top scale be the same? Or is it different for Hawaii and Alaska...UPS wouldn't be considered as high paying in that area I guess
Not sure. I'm a younger driver and I thought Top Pay varied throughout the country based on cost of living and what not. I know out here in Western Wa we make 28.38 an hour. Not bad, but working 2 days a week right now, kinda tough getting by.


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The basic top wage does not vary but the COLA does so, in essence, top wage does vary. We are at $28.20 here in Upstate NY, which puts us as one of the top 3 companies as far as wages and benefits go in this area where the median income is just under $40,000.