anyone deliver in super rural or national forrest, desert, an island, the moon?

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by coldworld, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Coldworld

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    Anyone deliver in super rural areas, you know, the ones that deliver 30 stops a day, or antone have to take a ferry anywhere...etc, etc, just the wierd stuff!:lol:
  2. chevyman

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    Or how about to any place really cool like Hugh Hefners' playboy mansion, or maybe someone that is high profile in the spot light like a sports figure, movie star, etc...
  3. When I was a driver helper we had a pretty rural route lots of mansions along the water. One of the houses belonged to Tom Clancy but I never got a chance to meet him.
  4. VTBrown

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    Before Whoopi Goldberg got on The View I delivered to her several times at her house.

    Delivered to Greg Norman at Stratton Mountain.

    Delivered packages addressed to Rick Ocasek to Stratton Mountain but never met him personally.

    Delivered many times to Tom Bodett's house, met his wife but not him.

    Just got done working a Teamster Gig for Extreme Home Make Over, drove Michael Maloney and Page Hammels and a new carpenter who hasn't been on TV yet, Rib. Met Ty and Tracy.

    Trying to think...I know there's another or two.
  5. Covemastah

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    I delivered to Bill Buckner for a bit ,he had a batting clinic on my rte,place was cool,warehouse but inside the walls were painted like Fenway and Wrigley. Nice guy,let me hit away when I went in there!!! You can only imagine the things my other customers said, but Billy Buck was a great guy,great ballplayer and I even told him it wasnt your fault!!!! I have his autograph at home still on the old UPS delivery paper records!!!! BOB STANLEY AND RICH GEDMAN AND MCNAMARA YOU BLEW THE 86 SERIES AND MADE POOR BILLY BUCKS SCAPEGOAT, AND REDSOX NATION SUFFER FOR 18 LOOOONG YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad:
  6. wyobill

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    I delivered 12 stops once, 340 miles :thumbup:
  7. Leftinbuilding

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    I met a guy who del'd in rural Nevada out of a Datsun pickup. Carried two spare tires with him and had to change often because of the condition of the "roads'.
  8. Coldworld

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    what state was this in???
  9. Griff

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  10. Big Babooba

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    I'm a diehard Sox fan. I always said that it wasn't Buckner's fault. It really :censored2: me off when they finally won it all and all the "we forgive you" people came out of the woodwork.
  11. scratch

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    cachsux, good thing you weren't delivering to Michael Jackson's house.:tongue_sm
  12. upsdude

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    'nuf said!
  13. rushfan

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    I deliver 3 large boxes every day about 350 miles one way from the hub. I then pick up 3 and return them to the hub.
  14. scratch

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    Rushfan, Do you pull Triples? We don't have them here.
  15. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Can we assume you are on a mileage run?
    I couldn't do it.
  16. local804

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    Triples are not allowed in NY by law. If there was no laws re: this, UPS would try for 4.
  17. Coldworld

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    I would totally go into feeder if all there was to pull was doubles,but I live in a state where triples are allowed. That is just one long ass rig. I saw a comparison one time and a set of triples are almost as long as a boeing 737.
  18. RockyRogue

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    I can believe this. I've seen UPS feeder drivers pulling two 48 or 52 foot long containers. Yes it was daylight, yes it was outside the yard but no it wasn't on the interstate. I wished I had a camera phone!!!! I don't know that I could drive a truck to be perfectly honest. I'm a TERRIBLE driver! lol. -Rocky
  19. tups

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    I regularly deliver to Red Sox players Jason Varitek, JD Drew, and Doug Mirabelli. And used to have David Ortiz on the route before he moved.
  20. Big Babooba

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    Why stop at 4?