Anyone else get fired or disciplined for reporting safety violations?!!

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  1. @BigUnionGuy , you post a story like this but yet at the same time post about upsers not voting, not coming to union meetings, not being involved in educating themselves about their cba.

    The situation is very dire. It was created to protect workers. Now, by your own posting, the collusion is set up to protect the crooks on both sides.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. BigUnionGuy

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    Aren't these cases.... common knowledge ?
  3. To whom?

    Never heard of it or read it.

    You think it was mass mailed from the ibt or locals?

    Did tdu carry the story? I'm sure it was fodder for their donation cup if it was.

    2003. How many of today's upsers were working at ups as drivers then? The pt time ranks probably didnt care about stories about driver martyrs.


    But I wonder how many BAs believe that they have the right to trample on strong members that challenge poor representation and blatantly stab them in the back when any opportunity arises?

    I witnessed our ba in discussion with a LM about sooner or later being able to fire a member and I thought why isnt this paid official telling the jerk to shut his mouth!?

    This place sucks.
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    You can call OSHA and report violations anonymously but they want to know what area of the building it happens and other information that might point right at you, so be careful, but ALWAYS be honest. You have to understand that OSHA takes in tons of false reports daily and if you sound like you're just making things up on the spot because you're disgruntled who knows how they will treat your report. Stay to the point, and when they ask do you fear of retaliation (and they will ask you this), tell them yes, you fear being retaliated against because you know this to be common practice where you work. When they ask you how does said company retaliate, tell them that said company is VERY creative in delivering retaliation and that they'll just have to take your word for it after X decades of being a witness.
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  5. SameRightsForAll

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    I'm curious if this notice applies company-wide or to just one center? I haven't seen this posted on a board before and if it's permanent then it should remain on every board as a Notice Of Rights.
  6. Company wide. And labor hearings are not private so they are open for recording.
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    Last fire drill, we had 3 tram carts blocking the exit to one doorway. Couldn't even get down the steps to go around the carts.
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    Reporting to OSHA can't be done unless you've reported to UPS first and given them enough time to fix it (it can be done, but they won't act on it). If it is a repeated issue, then OSHA will do something. Last time I got OSHA to do something, they just sent a letter that included a copy of my report to UPS. That letter was posted to a bulletin board somewhere in the building. No idea if anything was fixed since I switched areas afterwards, but I doubt it.
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  9. Actually, you can report any violation to osha anytime without alerting the company first.

    It's best to give the management the opportunity to rectify the problem first (plus safety committee), file a grievance if it's not corrected, and then write osha a letter, giving them your contact info, building address where the violations occur and most of all please sign the letter.

    They will then do an on site inspection to fix the issue.

    If it's a "repeat offense" where they've (osha) already told them to abate the violation(s) then just write the letter, again.

    It's all about safety. Yours and the folks you work around.
    The frequency that people get shot at work nowadays is tragic.
    People have got to be able to get outside out of harm's way quickly. 20190305_022805.jpg
    You never know anymore.
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    As I stated, you can, but they likely won't act on the report, except maybe sending a copy of it to UPS. You don't have to alert the company you are going to report to OSHA, but you need to alert the company of the problem. It's up to OSHA to determine what they want to do. Do they want to make a physical inspection? Likely not for a one off issue where the employee didn't even bother to notify the employer and there were no serious injuries. Otherwise, they can opt to just forward the report.

    When filing a report you have to be honest: "Potential complainants also should keep in mind that it is unlawful to make any false statement, representation, or certification in any complaint."
    One of the questions is: "12. This condition has been brought to the attention of: (Choose all that apply)"

    Notify a full time UPS supervisor. If it doesn't get fixed/keeps reoccurring, then notify OSHA. If it still doesn't get fixed, notify OSHA again.
  11. Which rendition is it now?
    You really dont know.
    Next explanation please.
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  13. OSHA will come in and make a report on the violation(s) if you sign the letter regardless of any (company) awareness from any employee. They will tell the company how to abate every violation.

    OSHA will make the company fix valid violations. Typically, there's
    a fine involved.

    Why would any common hourly have more knowledge of the safety regulations and codes than PE...or even the safety committee who often sits on their hands while age old violations are present and repetitive right under their noses and on their watch?
    The company knows it's a problem.

    We've been lulled into the mindset of "oh well, it's always been that way and we can't do anything about it".

    Oh well, I guess we can.
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    Try reading more than 5 words of a sentence.
  15. UnconTROLLed

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    you took the bait!
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    call corp and tell them and get a report number. then if they come after you call the union and corp again and tell them management is harassing you and if it doesn't stop you are taking the matter out side of the company and outside of the union. i reported a safety issue at work. they didn't fix it then when i got hurt they tried :censored2:ing with me so i called the union and corp and 4 days later manager is gone to another building.
  17. Your statements are still false.

    Read those five words.
  18. Amazing isn't it?

    They get moved

    and we get fired...

    for like offenses.

    That's why many go outside the system from the get go.

    The judge and jury are tainted within the system.

    The 800 number often just covers liability and gets the details ahead of time to dispel judgement.
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