Anyone else's paycheck always wrong?

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    I'm not sure if most of you are on a simpler way of getting paid, but at my hub we have cards to swipe to clock in and out. When we all leave the full time supervisor puts in our time on a separate pc. I always keep up with my check, and I know they want to make plan so management gets their weekly bonus check. I can't remember, in my four years at ups, when my check was actually right. I always get brushed off when I ask to sit down and discuss my hours I have evidence working for. The only time I've actually get them to cooperate is an hour after the sort if I'm lucky. I've been very tempted to threaten them with the department of labor since my friendly attempts to resolve the issue are never acknowledged. Are there other hubs that have this happen weekly?

    Also, finally got to cover drive last week after waiting since last peak. Due to never driving, I sometimes forget to take my full hour lunch. Some days I took just 1 30 minute break or maybe 1 15. I noticed they docked the remaining lunch out of my pay. Is that something I can dispute?
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    Mine is never enough!
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  3. Operational needs

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    So are you saying that you NEVER got paid for that missing time?
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    They have to pay you for every minute worked. If they won't. File on it and report it to your state labor department.
  5. TheFearlessBunny

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    This part time check in particular was 3 weeks ago. Still bugging them every day.
  6. dookie stain

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    When I was part time my check was NEVER right..they steal time off your check to make their numbers look of the full time sups finally got fired for it. I always got my money eventually but it was a hassle every time
  7. bleedinbrown58

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    Did you talk to your manager about your incorrect check with your steward present? What did your steward day?
  8. olroadbeech

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    FOUR YEARS this has going on for you????

    man, you have to talk to a steward. do you know what a shop steward is ? then file a grievance. as long as you complain and DON'T follow up with a grievance , they are going to take advantage of you.

    honestly, i do not understand people like you.
  9. TheFearlessBunny

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    That comes from having a lazy, incompetent steward. I've written up 3 hours worth of supervisors working and it was settled for 45 minutes.
  10. olroadbeech

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    you have only one steward? does everyone just let this slide? i doubt it.

    if it were me and it has been me i would call the Business Agent . I would request a green check for any discrepancies within i believe 48 hours . if not paid by then you get penalty pay on top of that.

    also , you can go back 45 business days for any other "mistakes" on your paycheck. this is more widespread than people know. they used to short everyone a 15 minute break in our hub until i caught it and threatened to file for everyone. the threat alone was enough for everyone to be paid an extra 2 hours on the following check.

    miraculously , the shortages ceased.
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    90 days.

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    Hold up there Einstein. How do you forget to take lunch
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    I'm sorry you deserve this. [​IMG]
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    She can't stop at a point where it's believable. Always got to go obey the top.
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    Start remembering.
  16. rod

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    The few times I was shorted I gave them two checks to get it straightened out. If not by then I would plop my rear end down at the end of the day at a fast food joint and read news papers and drink pop for as long as I had been shorted. The chewing out I got for it the next day for being a extra half hour or hour over was worth it because I was getting paid for that also. That solution probably wouldn't work today.
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    Tell them you're calling honesty hotline as well as filing. Fixed
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    Post #18......
    I messed up the "quote" function.
    Shoot me.
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