Anyone here under the Atlantic Area Agreement?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by $killed Labor, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Locals 22,28,29,61,71,171,175,322,355,391,453,505,509,639,697,822,992

    We are having alot of issues from our center. It seems that we have no preferred bid jobs anymore. People get hired of the street to do preferred jobs and skilled labor. Skilled labor is pulled daily to do unskilled work.

    I am wondering, any others under our sup agreement having this done to them. Or is it just my Local have no balls? and stand up for what is in plain black and white?

    I have gotten alot of help from here, but I am wondering if any others under our supplement having these problems. As for P/T goes, it seems that the contract is just as good as toliet paper at my center.
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    hey. $killed, this is a direct violation in the national master of article 22 section 4 which states employees already in the building has a right to preferred jobs before someone off the street, even employees with lest than 6 months seniority. the agreement states that your name has to be on the list. at my building in 2004 when data capture positions became available through the p.a.s. systems. instead of those positions going to the inside members that paid their dues & understand the ups system. most them were hired of the streets & to this day we're paying for that. because what's frustrating is the put the p.a.l. labels over the tracking labels. sender address & c.o.d.'s amount in which is very frustrating for the drivers & us clerks. unfortunately a lot of the locals are turning the cheek. $skilled if you are in a right to work state, a work doesn't have to join the union. basically some of your co-workers might not even be in the union (i.e. not paying union dues) but by law the union still has to help them. this gives the company a great advantage in manipulating things. if your local administration is close with jimmy hoffa jr. they're working for hoffa instead for the members in your local. you are right about the toilet paper, it's about the money. depending how much the new hires at your building are paying in initation fees & it's obivious once you hit $11.00 hr/rate it's 2 1/2 times your hourly rate wheter your f/t or p/t. so you have a situation where p/t ers are paying f/t union dues for what representation? the key is the p/t ers have to get more involved in their local elections, ibt elections, & vote on the contracts. basically most the locals cater to segments that vote. just in my local out of 10,500 upsers about 3,500 are f/t ers & 7,000 are p/t ers. only 1900 votes were counted & 1200 voted yes & 700 voted no. so basically the f/t ers that are ready to retire voted yes & the combo 22.3 voted no & maybe only 1% of the p/t ers voted. stay strong $killed & stay informed. information is power & knowledge is king. :laughing:
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    Arrrgh, I hate that makes me want to smack the stupid out of them.

    Well pretty much dealing with seniority out our center has been striped and is just as worthless as the contract. Our BA has no balls to fight for us. He is ok with all that is going on but is against the plain black and white print in the contract.
    Seniority shall prevail at all times my butt. Already been threaten if i try to enforce the contract and grieve that i pretty much will have hell to pay. Retaliation is also in the contract, but if my local wont back us, then i guess we are screwed.

    We preached and preached about the contract, but we are a small center, maybe around 200-300 employees. 1/4 of P/T ers aren't union cause they don't see the point cause they don't back us as it is. Another 1/4 are barely 18 and don't care. The half that are union voted no, but got out weighed by the F/Ters yes votes. :cursing:
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    I hate to hear crap like that.

    If you start a war and keep beating that drum, others that are sick of it will wake up to. It won't be many, but I used to have a similar situation on my shift.

    I just kept beating that drum and the employees saw the results of the grievance procedure and its meant more employees enforcing the contract now.

    If you can get at least 2 or 3 others in the boat with you that will keep beating the drum to the same tune that you guys are not going to allow this crap to happen, you'll eventually win. It'll be a long year or more, but the company will back down.

    They won't give a crap about a grievance without money involved. This is what I do, I witness supervisors working, bring it to other part time hourlies attention so I can get statements from them, and turn them all into one of the driver stewards who they like to screw with and bring in early. At the end of the week, they are hit with about 20-30 hours (remember, over 2 hours means 4 hours at DOUBLE time) every week and it has paid off. The sup's in the small sort gave a PCM stating they were not going to break jambs, move totes around or touch packages for that matter besides do audits. It took about 5 weeks of those grievances for them to stop, but now we have an hourly break jambs, move totes around with boxes in them and progress packages down the chutes to the sorters.

    The sups just walk around with their clip boards and I haven't seen one drop of sweat from them since.

    Are they going to screw with you? HELL YES. Keep a polite attitude and do that work that you grieved them on. That BURNS their ass when they think they're screwing with you and you don't let it get to you. Send my ass to load irregs ALL night for all I care, it'll take me till 3 am because if you follow their ridiculous methods they'll either need twice the workforce they operate with or the work will take twice as long.