Anyone working Saturday the 23rd?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by helenofcalifornia, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    One of our supervisors says that he is working on that Saturday and it won't be the regular "air only." He says he'll probably be driving ground. Anyone here of such plans on asking drivers to sign a bid sheet like they did for day after Thanksgiving?
  2. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Don't sign a bid sheet, its only time and a half
    if they force you its double time.

    Work 60hours that week, and you can't work saturday.
  3. Pip

    Pip New Member

    Odds are there will be plenty of work, with the last minute packages in the center i'm in. I'm planning on working, but if things turn out that we won't need to, then I won't be heartbroken.

    Words been floating around the center to be prepared, but nothing official. More then likely it will not be in stone until that Thursday or Friday.
  4. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I'll be there. Getting everything delivered by Christmas is critical. I would hate not getting my presents because no one would work Saturday!

    What would kill us would be a Thursday or (God forbid) Friday snowstorm.
  5. breadbooze

    breadbooze Member

    it was double time the day after thanksgiving (I volunteered) and it will be double time again on the 23rd, same as last year. about 9 of every 10 drivers volunteered then and we all put in around six hours of work each.

    kind of difficult to hide packages when the kids are awake
  6. 1980

    1980 Member

    They Cannot Force You To Work Period!!!!!!
  7. outta hours

    outta hours Active Member

    I asked my mgr. if I could work this Sat. he looked at me kinda strange and said " you can't work on Sat." I said why? He said "fulltimers are not allowed to work on Sat". I told him to remember that on Dec. 23 If they can't let me work when I need extra hours, then I can't work when they need me. It is either you can work on Sat. or you can't. This company uses the double standard way to often. But only if we let them.
  8. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Yep, its a scheduled work day for air drivers.
  9. djbeckett

    djbeckett New Member

    Yes, I am working Sat. Dec. 23 & Dec. 30 (a sixth day) for voluntary OT at DTW.
  10. Ms Spoken

    Ms Spoken New Member

    Well if it's OT @ DT then I want 8 hours of work if your going to ruin my Saturday with 6 hours and a 10min break then I want 8 hours with a full lunch.

  11. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Im volunteering, since our last contract its DT volunteer or forced. Now if I had a family here I would love to be off, but I dont so I love the money. No pickups, everything closed and DT. Merry Christmas to me!!!
  12. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    Perhaps you should have ordered your stuff earlier. Or shopped locally...

    The coin has two sides.
  13. rocketman

    rocketman Guest

    day after turkey day is 8 hr plus double time
  14. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    I intend to sleep in on Saturday.
  15. Hangingon

    Hangingon New Member

    If you have enough hours available, any chance people will be working Sunday too? Last year all the drivers in my center that had at least 5 DOT hours left on Saturday were forced to come in or lose their Holiday pay. Anyone want to guess how many drivers will be under 55 hours on the 22nd in my center?
  16. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Over9Five, While I see your point that we should deliver every Christmas present, I believe if you wait this long, too bad. You made your bed, now sleep in it. If you want to wait until Dec 21 to send a loved one a present, do so at your own risk. Dont blame UPS, FEDEX, DHL, or the USPS for your laziness. Just my opinion. Now where the hell did I put my teeth????
  17. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Good point, Fredly and Brownie!

    I don't think anyone should be forced to work their day off.

    However, holiday shoppers make us a ton of money. Think of that last day before Christmas, the happy (relieved) faces as you walk up to their door with that last present!

    So, don't let them force you to work!

    (Just volunteer!)
  18. outta hours

    outta hours Active Member

    You are guaranteed 8 hours of work. If you have less than 8 available you cannot be "forced" to come in. Our local has said they cannot force a 6th day report. UPS may try to coerce you with threats and mis-information to make you think you have to work that day. (Nothing new there right) But you DO NOT . If you feel like playing Santa go in and work. If you would rather be with your family stay home. It is your choice. Remember you are not in management you still have a life outside of UPS. ( I hope)
  19. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Outta, this would be my fear. I have 5 DOT hours left. They try and force me for Sat. I say I want 8. They say ok, put me on the road for 4 hours and then stick me out in the yard hosing down trailers when its minus 10 out. Let me know if you know if they are allowed to do this or not.
  20. SteveOUPS

    SteveOUPS Me and my helper.

    Count me out. UPS doesn't have enough money to make me work that day!