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  1. fatherof4

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    Long story short, I'm a driver still in progression

    Friday I ran my run and got in and did my paperwork and clocked out. I was up stairs in the break room talking to another driver when I was Told I HAD to come down to the office per the C/M. When i got there There was two other drivers in the room and night dispatch people. I told them I was off the clock an hour ago and they said I had to come anyway.

    The C/M was on speaker phone and explaned "a package was going to br delevered tonight" He asked the senior driver who laughed and said no. so they asked the next, who said no so the C/M said I had to make the del."Was that understood?" I said I understand but dont know how or why. I was told to go NOW and del the package.

    I asked about a diad and was told it would be fixed later. So there I was taking a package to a house 40 minutes away with no way to sheet it and as far as I was concerned off the clock. By the time I got back I had been off the clock for more than two hours and the night mgr fixed my time. but I did make him print a record of my orginal time sheet first. There were still a few drivers on the clock at the time. I even think one of the drivers in the room was still on the clock.

    How in the heck was he able to force me to do the work off the clock?I was told If I refused he could fire me and I could wait at home for the union to get my job back. Id like to file but for what? I cant find anything about this type of thing. Can they force us to work after we have clocked out? I'd like them tho have to pay me what I want for "MY" time about double top pay for the two hours sounds fair.. Next they will be coming over to the house on sunday making us work.
  2. CFLBrown

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    I would have called up the shop steward and taken care of any problems you had on the spot. You were off the clock. Period.
  3. over9five

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    Should never have even gone into the office. You were off the clock.

    Forget this one, but remember for next time.
  4. browned out

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    Yeah, We have had numerous drivers told they would be fired if they called in, brought their load back, refused to go out or whatever. Very dishonest of the center managers and full time sups but there is no penalty for management dishonesty.

    There is an article in the contract that states no driver shall be forced to go back out after they have finished their work and returned to bldg.

    I would forget it this time and get thru progression.
  5. CFLBrown

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    Or you could have called the 800 # on him and had him repeat what he said while you were on the phone.
  6. Cementups

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    I had been forced to go back out in the past. I even offered a few weeks ago when a driver couldn't fit all of his pickup in his truck and there was no one else available.

    But if you are the lowest seniority in arm's reach, then yes they can force you to go back out.
  7. Leftinbuilding

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    Don't think this is true. Could you name the article? Regardless, it happens all the time.
  8. Fnix

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    What if you are asked to help out for 10 mins off the clock and you agree to. And they say they will pay you back.
  9. MR_Vengeance

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    you ever wonder what happens if you got into an accident while delivering this pkg off the clock?
  10. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    This is a perfect example why I dont understand drivers who come in an hour before the shift to bs, and stay another hour in the office after they have punched out. When you stick around, or come in mega early, your giving them perfect opportunity to talk to you about "stuff", that they probably wouldnt do if you came in 10 minutes before your shift, or go home after your punched out. If I see someone to bs with I leave the ups property and go somewhere else or at least go to the parking lot. Just a little tip.
  11. brownieboy

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    Its in the Cental States Supplemental article 19 section 6 " Drivers shall not be disciplined for refusing to go back out on the street once they have returned to the building, after having completed their full days work"
  12. No center manager or supervisor can make you work off the clock. I am center manager if one of my sups pull BS like that he would be escorted out of the building and would not return.

    Another thing since you was off the clock your fellow drivers put it to you too, it would have gone to the lowist seniority person on the clock read the book if they tell you other wise I would be my bottom dollar that they are wrong.

    It also works this way if I tell one of my high senority person to go back out and he or she fools around in the building and waits 10 or 15 minutes till another driver comes in he or she is still going out now matter who came in that is lower than he or she is.

    The work was dispatched!


    Center Manager in Texas
  13. ikoi62

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    my question would be...why were you still in the building a hour after punching out?
  14. stopcomplete

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    I always punch back in. They can make you go back out.
  15. diesel96

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    Being that your still in progression and you didn't leave the property, then yes go make delivery reguardless of Center Mgr's improprietes but make sure you get paid from the time you punch in that morning to the time you clocked out (even the time spent in the breakroom). Your main objective is to get Senority. Once you get Senority carry the contract book with you to avoid situations like this again, and let the center manager know the ramifications of his "work as directed" order. Don't refuse even if he's wrong, then file later.
  16. finaddict

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    You got screwed. It's been said, if you were still on the clock you could have been told to go back out. Happens in feeders alot. I've finished 500-600 mile days and had to go back out to make a pickup or do whatever they require on many occasions. Part of the job I guess. And as we all know, its the day you tear up the run because you need to be off on time that SOMETHING IS going to happen.
  17. tieguy

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    yep you got screwed not only by the center manager but also by the other drivers that were there and threw your name in the hat to keep from being sent back out.
  18. 1989

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    Drivers will screw you every time...Drivers screw over other drivers more than management ever could.
  19. fatherof4

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    I'm in pay progression. Not 30 day probation. I did check to be sure they paid me for the hours. I was at the bldg an hour after work because night shift had food brought in and a few of the drivers and I were discussing the new contract. (Another thread but) there is not much chance for me to retire, By the time I get 25yrs in Ill be almost 70. I started to old. Anyway, Last night they didnt even see me come in. I did find out the two other drivers were still clocked in. They really screwed me. I drive a split car. Ill remember next time they call me for help. My cell seems to turn off every once in a whole dont know why??
  20. scratch

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    Whoever invented Caller ID deserves to be a very rich person.:wink: