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    How do you deal with these situations. Our center has no definite answer, and neither does management.
    You attempt to deliver to an apartment. They are not in. You redeliver it to the office. Is that 1 stop or 2? Our management gives us both answers depending who you ask. Also, it seems that the Union would be able to back up the driver pretty easy on that one.
  2. yeldarb

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    To further clarify. At the door, leave a sdn as not 1, then stop complete. Then resheet, and prerecord, and do a left at.
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    We are told it is one stop only. Scan the Infonotice, and then Prerecord it.(This is the only time we are suppose to Prerecord anything). After going to all the other apartments, deliver all to the office as a "left at". You should get credit for every different apt.,
    although I have to admit I haven't had an apartment complex on a route in about fifteen years. I sure don't miss them either.
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    It sucks when 6 different stops in 6 different buildings in the same apartment complex are NI1 and having to take them all to the office just for it all to end up counting as ONE STOP when its all said and done. There is supposedly a larger allowance for such deliveries but I'm willing to bet the computer geeks in IE screw us on that one as well as the rest of their "calculations."
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    It REALLY doesn;t matter whether I get TIME ALLOWANCE for 1 stop or not. Just be able to show what you have done and do it right and it doesn;t matter how much over you are because of it. I would rather not get the credit for another stop anyways. Of course, I am not in a "BONUS CENTER". From the sounds of it, I don;t think I want to be. I am all alone on a SAtellite route anyways. Haven;t seen a supervisor in about 4 months. Well, I did see 1 for 30 minutes about 1 month ago. He came down to do a "SAFETY RIDE" with me. Had to be the quickest safety ride I've ever had. LOL!!!
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    Satellite route? I think managment was thinking about doing that in our district and the reaction from the drivers out on the rural routes was much like someone upsetting a hornet's nest. or maybe what you are talking about is a totally differnt thing. How does it work exactly?
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    You know what I hate? With the new cell phones,people are cancelling thier home phone accounts and when I buzz the entry code for the apartment,they answer thier phone and they say ...I`m not there,I`m AT WORK! I only work about 15 minutes from there,can you bring it here? uh...no,call the 1-800 # and have it re-directed .
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    A satellite route is typically a route or routes that have a large distance from the center to the first stop. Often times, another driver will bring out the work with a TP60, sometimes, multiple drivers will work in a satellite ctr and the work is brought out in a feeder. The benefit to UPS is that the reduction in to/fr time savings. I've often seen it work out pretty well, espescially when the driver lives in the area of his route. The driver gets to save the whole ride to\fr the ctr building himself so he gets to save on wear and tear of his own car and also the gas.
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    In our center that would be padding your stops.
    As the others have said, scan pkg, scan info notice and prerecord. Then finish the complex and hit prerecord and hit 1 for each stop and then have rental office sign once for all of the stops. Yeah, you won't get credit for that 1 additional stop (Renetal Office), but the way I look at it, it's that many less stops I have to make the next day. A trade off I don't mind making.
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    how about this, you leave a infonotice and sheet it as ni1 then tomorrow you go back and do the same but sheet it as ni2 then the next day its ni3 and now they come to the center to get the pkg which gets them to use their work address next time. it makes no difference to me if i get rid of it or not since i will have to have a certain number of stops tomorrow anyway to avoid the add/cuts at the end of the sort.that is just an easy stop 3 days in a row
  11. Coldworld

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    you go around to all apartments in a complex, see if anyone is home . If they are home, you get signature, that is a stop. Now the people who arent home, leave a notice and prerecord. then go to the office and go into prerecord and "left at" all the different apartments and get a signature. If you are in a bonus center, there is suppose to be an automatic allowance for doing this since you have to go to the apt manager. Drivers who NI 1, 2 or 3 at the apartment door and call it good, even if the manager takes the packages isnt being fair to the customers. BTW, does montecarlo 12 show up on this site anymore. Just wanted to know what he thought of loosing the post office account to UPS. From what I heard this was a shock to fedex management and EASY money gone.
  12. BTW, does montecarlo 12 show up on this site anymore. Just wanted to know what he thought of loosing the post office account to UPS. From what I heard this was a shock to fedex management and EASY money gone.[/QUOTE]

    FEDEX did not "loose" the USPS acount, where you getting your info from??
    FEDEX signed a 7yr 8 Billion dollar contract..you guys got a very small part of the contract, nothing worth noting.


    Look up the meaning between "loose" and "lose", not knwing makes you sound like an idiot!
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    I always try and do whatever I can to get the packages delivered. Most of my route, I am able to reattempt a resi stop while doing my pickups. I dont like send agains for anything.
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    Big Arrow Up: I live 10 minutes now from where our center has put 2 Satellite Routes. I had been making a 45 minute drive to work for 16 YEARS. It is working out great for me. However, I must say it is the same job for me. I am actually doing a little more work on the route that I got. It takes more stops to "PLAN" my "8 hour day now". I've only had a couple of 8 hour days since the routes have been in.

    There is some disapproval for the Satellite routes in some centers. I really don;t understand the disapproval though. They are put up for bid and NO ONE is forced to run them unless no one takes the bid. And except for cover drivers. It probably works out for the GOOD for a few people in most centers like myself, and as far as I know it hasn;t cost ANYONE a job.

    I have been told by a Supervisor recently that there has been a FREEZE put on Satellite Routes right now. I guess when the stock went down, management is re evaluating them, to see if they are saving them money????

    For me I have NO complaints.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The idea was squashed as soon as it was brought to the table here. The local got involved. There were several issues. One was that if the satellite routes were going up for bid the drivers currently on them didn't want to lose "their routes". Management then mentioned letting the drivers keep their routes but the ones that didn't live in the areas of their routes complained that they didn't want to commute. I don't see the problem. So what if it pisses off those drivers. The company isn't supposed to always cater to them. That would be like if a hub, or small center, was thinking about moving to a new building across town but scrapped the idea just because a few of it's employees bitched about the commute.
  16. Coldworld

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    fedex depends on this money from the usps. its just extra green on top of the Billions more ups makes than fedex. Its pretty sad that fedex has so much room on their planes that they can fly the priority mail volume. Where is the fedex volume?What do you think will happen after the 8 years are up. Im not sure that ups would want all of the priority mail volume anyway. Well, we have been hiring over 100 pilots and buying new aircraft. Havent seen fedex do anyone of that. I have been seeing lots of fedex home routes being sold in the paper. Hmmm, I wonder why.
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    Gman, just curious. What happens when you bang in? Does the cover driver get paid from the building, or when he gets to the satellite meet spot?
  18. over9five

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    "How do you deal with these situations."

    For us, it would be one stop.
    Also, if you were to reattempt an NI1 (or Clo1 or NM1) later in the day, that would be a dup stop.
  19. Had several apts on my old route, one had three separate bldgs, was told if you attempted to deliver each one delivering ones that were home then scan notice pre-record rest to be left at office counted one stop per each apt. However if you took them all straight to the office for whatever reason, then just left notices on mail boxes, some apt offices prefer this then only counts as one stop total. They have busted several drivers for taking credit for multiple stops when going straight to office, and some apt offices will even audit the driver calling apts to see if you attempted to call them and if not stop taking pkgs, even go as far as call the 1-800 number.
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    To get back to the original question........

    The best way to do this is go to the apt. scan as NI1. resheet and prerecord. At the office do a shift left-at duplicate resi. It is 1 stop but you get credit for 2 pieces, because after all you are carrying the box to both locations. Now I understand that many drivers will say that im going to 2 stops with that 1 pkg. why cant i get credit for both stops. I dont agree with the rule but i do understand it.

    doing this way keeps you out of harms way.

    good luck