Are managers invincible?

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    Hi, guys! First post here. :innocent: I have an issue at my hub. I've been working at my hub for 2 and a half years now. I've been trying to be permanent on the sort aisle but they abuse me and put me wherever they want. Recently, they've been putting an unloader with 11 months seniority in my spot while making me go load or make me take the place of whoever called in (since I decided to learn how to do it all). Noticing this, I decided to tell the supervisors no when they ask me to come do something. When this happens, they go to the manager and he makes me go do something. Today, I finally told my manager I wasn't going to leave the sort aisle because I had more seniority than the unloader. He told me since I had more seniority "we both go or we can walk out". The unloader and I went to the area and the unload sup came and took him and put him on the sort aisle and left me out. I talked to my union steward at break and said I could file a grievance on a SUPERVISOR tomorrow if it happened again. I suppose I can file on the unload sup but would that solve my problem or is there another alternative?
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    First off you must work as instructed. Don't tell them no. Just talk to them like any other person. Tell them you would like to work on the sort aisle permanently. Also talk to your steward I believe it should be grievable. Are you in the union? I think you can only file if you are paying union dues, someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Your shop steward should be able to help you with that. Sounds like you did everything right except for telling them no. Go talk to your steward again and tell him you want to follow up and file that grievance. just remember to work as instructed always. You probably pissed them off saying no. I would go back and apologize. But then I would let them know, nicely, you plan to file a grievance if it happens again.
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    First, always, always work as directed. You can disagree and speak your mind on the subject but you must work as directed then file a grievance. The only exceptions to this are if it is unsafe or unlawful. Second when filing always include all names of management that are involved in the issue, managers and sups.
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    The short answer to the question. No managers aren't invincible you can file on them too. My shop steward had my last manager move to another center for labor charges he basically got demoted
  5. standtall

    standtall You can't hurt my feelings, I left them at home.

    Happens all the time all around the country.
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    As above have stated. Do not refuse work. You will be out the door. Managers can only get away with what YOU let them get away with. File if you have seniority. If not. Work your guaranteed hours. It's all about your pension at the end.
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  7. PiedmontSteward

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    Never refuse a work related order unless it is unsafe, unethical, or immoral even if it is in violation of the contract. This can get you fired for insubordination.

    That being said, you can inform them that you would prefer to remain in your place and that the junior employee should go in your stead. If they continue, file a grievance under the applicable articles in the supplement.
  8. In my center he's invisible.

    No they're not invincible. But I would highly suggest you don't refuse to work as directed. Easiest way to get fired.
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    If you are not in the union, good luck dealing with your issue!
    If you are in the union, I for one will help.
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    I think you're really good at the sort aisle, not so much in the other areas. You might need some time to adjust to the different areas they are showing you, maybe you need more water to drink since it's labor intensive. Along with that comes the need to urinate, bathrooms are all over the hub. Did I mention your strong skill set is on the sort aisle, bet you do a lot better there,ight want to reiterate that to your supervisor. Some people are naturally gifted doing certain jobs, sounds like yours is sort aisle.
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    Preload unlike being a driver on a bid route, does not have bid positions. Whether you have been there one day or thirty years you go wherever your supervisor puts you, there are no set jobs or positions for part timers. Also as those before me have stated never say no, explain your thoughts but if they have you work somewhere else just go. Sucks but that's the way part time has always been.
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    That is the way the preload works now but no at one time you could bid different positions. I bid into the boxline sorter position at one point.
  13. Big J

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    Yes work as instructed. Then turn it into a disaster.
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  14. juliebrown

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    If he is still a manager it was not a demotion it looks like a rotation.
  15. Brownslave688

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    This always makes me chuckle a little. Everything they do is unethical or immoral it seems.

    Maybe the union should treat this language how the company treats 17i
  16. retiredTxfeeder

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    I saw a center manager get fired for stealing a baseball once. It was an autographed ball that was supposed to be a prize for a leads contest. No, they are not invincible, though some think they are.
  17. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    Sort aisle is generally a "preferred job" and also $1/hr greater, so the chances are very good that a grievance is winnable.
  18. Shep92

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    The only time you should refuse to work is when you are put in a situation that you feel is unsafe. I've had a few situations like that and luckily my safety manager was right there to back me up
  19. olroadbeech

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    from now on we should know at the beginning if the OP is a union member. I aint giving advice to SCABS.....I mean non union parasitic employees.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Based on some of the advice you have given here in the past that may not be a bad thing.