Are the Teamsters really working for you?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Bill, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Bill

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    At one time, the Teamsters were looking out for the working people, but that has changed in the last few years. It is quite obvious once you take a look into the Teamster performance. We have taken pension cuts, our medical benefits are slashed as we pay more for them, union dues keep going up while our salary is worth less than the previous year after adjusting for inflation. While all this is happening, the Teamster leaders are enjoying multi-pensions and hefty salaries. They have not been cut and can retire and live a secure life, while the rest of us are forced to work at a strenuous job until age 65. How many of the package car drivers are going to make it to age 65? The Teamster eliminated the 30 and out pension plan and installed the 65 and out!!! You earned your pension and you should receive it in full at any age. The Teamsters don't want you to have what is rightfully yours. They are now diverting the money that UPS contributes to the medical benefits into the pension fund, so that the pension fund is not taken over by the government. You will soon be paying much more for your medical benefits and have a higher deductible because of this. The contract that they signed in 2002 states how much goes into your pension plan and how much is allocated toward your pension. The Teamsters have broken the contract by not following these guidelines. UPS people only receive 40% of the money that UPS contributes. The rest goes to other companies and the Teamster fatcats to enjoy. If we were to withdraw from the Teamsters, and form a union for UPS people only (APWA), then we would receive 100% of the UPS money and receive what we are entitled to: our full medical benefits and a pension worth at least double what the Teamsters offer. For all of the people who still back the Teamsters, I would like to know why. Please be specific and give me facts that can be verified. I don't want to hear propaganda that the Teamsters have been around a long time and have experiece negotiating contracts. They negotiated the "best contract ever", and we lost our medical benefits, had our pension cut, and union dues increased. I don't want them negotiating future contracts if this is the "best" they can do. I would honestly like to hear from you. Convince me that Teamsters are looking out for our best interests and not the other way around.
  2. 30andout

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    I totally agree with you, the teamsters are now only looking out for their best interest not the members.
  3. iamoverit2

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    ...and how about the Union does not enforce the contract?
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    How about the '97 Strike slogan. "Don't let UPS control your pension or your future, leave it in the hands of the Teamsters":lol:
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    Come on, where are all of the Teamster lovers????:crying:
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    If you are in Central States like I am then the future does not look good.
    I do agree we need our own union ! We need one contract for all. The 97
    strike was all about ups employees hitting the streets to save Central States. The problem is simple. Theres more going out the bottom of the bucket than theres going in. Pretty soon UPS will be the last man standing
    as far as contributions. The smaller pension funds seem to be in better shape.
    Western Converence for example. I would not vote yes for any contract unless there is a 25 and out at any age. Who's negotiating our pension?
    Answer: no one! Its controlled by the trustees who are teamsters!
    UPS has the money. They are the big supporters of these teamster funds.
    Im not sure what the answer is. Shame on UPS for ever giving control of the pension to the teamsters. Now UPS wants out!
    Im a 25 year driver.
  7. DorkHead

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    Here we go again!!!! Yada, yada, yada.
  8. satellitedriver

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    I agree also. Go to The Center for Union Facts if you want some honest data on the union.
  9. 30andout

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    Very intelligent comeback, I'm impressed.
  10. govols019

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    That's the funniest link I've seen in awhile.
  11. brett636

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    this is all I have to say...
  12. 30andout

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    Yet another great defence for our current representation.
  13. brett636

    brett636 Well-Known Member

    There certainly isn't any good compelling argument for any other form of representation, so whats your point?
  14. 30andout

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    If having your pension taken away from you and the lac of good representation and the fact that the top teamsters are getting rich off us is not enough, I guess there is no point.
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Come on guys! I mean should all this mess be a surprise to all of you? Hell, me too. I mean lets take a good look at the source of the problem....our union, much like any other, is controlled by the MOB for Christ's sake!!! So of course everything is jacked up. So of course they are swimming in our hard earned money.

    And for all of you die hard union guys....Ok, YES, they have been nogotiating pretty good wages for us over the years but like Chris Rock said on one of his shows...lets not brag about what people did if it was something they WERE SUPPOSED TO DO. Lets focus on what they were supposed to do and DIDN'T. It almost makes me sick when I look at my pay stub when union dues come out. I'm so tempted to opt out and use that money, combined with what I dish out monthly to buy seemingly worthless UPS stock, to fund my own retirement. Hey wait a minute....that isn't a bad idea! But then I'd have to worry about [email protected]#$ed representation from the local (some would argue that it is already [email protected]#$ed) because I'd just be a "freeloader." Its funny because the way things are these days it would seem the the Teamsters are freeloading off us.
  16. any122

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    Workers with the attitude like Brett and Dorkhead our the reason your union is aloud to get away with what it does.Some people our happy to pay for nothing.Because thats what your getting in the end.If you think that after they slaughter your pension their going to stop there your crazy.Next it will be your health care then your pay.So keep on ignoring what they our doing.Ignorants will get you nothing.Some people have to learn the hard way.If you think all the other bull you put up here about 401Kour safe you better get a real good financial advisor.If I where you I would invest heavy in gold.Because there is a good chance the market will crash soon everything has been way over inflated.You will see mark my words.The realestate market is already taken a fall and it will keep on falling.look in your local newspaper at all the forclosers keep track of them for just a month.Record amounts.So keep up the back peddle because after all Brett and Dorkhead will save the more than the reamsters have already stole.:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
  17. rod

    rod retired and happy

    OK I will say it.Yes I am a Teamster and proud of it. I retired at 53 with a $3,000 a month pension. My wife and I have darn good medical insurance that cost us $100 a month (chicken feed) and pay only $9.00 for prescriptions ($7.00 if you get a genaric drug). Talk to a thousand retired people and you may find maybe 1 or 2 that might have it better. Most have to rely on SS which you can't get until your 62 1/2. Could things be better being a Teamster? Probably. Could it be worse not being one? Most definitely. Talk to those other 998 people. I also hated paying those union dues but it's funny how those feelings disappeared the day I retired. Say what you want about getting rid of the Teamsters altogether or replacing them with another union but beware of what you ask for- you may get it and I guarantee it won't be all sunshine and lollypops. You have to plan for your future because you won't be able to live the same style of life as when you were working if you don't have something to fall back on. You are NOT going to have the 60-70 thousand dollar income you get use to while working unless you have invested in other things.
  18. 30andout

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    Glad you could get what they promised, I have been at UPS for over 34 years and now I am looking at another 10 to get any pension or insurance. Thanks to the great teamsters.
  19. hoser

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    at one time, the teamsters looked out for you... hahaha, yeah, hoffa had your number one interest in mind
  20. rod

    rod retired and happy

    NO pension or insurance after 34 years? Work another 10 years? Something isn't making any sense here. Were you full time for 34 or was like 20 of that part time? I know that they have cut back some sense I retired but I just can't believe it takes 45 years of service to retire with benifits now. If this is true you should of retired 4 years ago like a friend of mine did. He had his 30 in gets everything I do except he only gets $2,978 a month for some reason.