Are They Really As Smart As We Think?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 13, 2010.

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    The People Making "The Rules" Are Dumber Than You

    This piece makes a point but I found myself laughing and thinking of UPS at the same time so I thought we'd all (hourly and management) get a chuckle as well. It also goes to show how UPS and the business world outside are truly so much alike even though we still wanna believe sometimes this is not the case. UPS use to stand alone somewhat back in the day but is now just another "monkey see/monkey do" corporation IMO. For the record it's an opinion I hate having too.

    I was talking (sadly) yesterday ironically with an IE manager about how the true legacy of UPS has been cast aside and what has it gotten us? Back when we were lean and mean and our own machine (no damn Wall Street) I just don't remember as well many of the idiotic exercises like Kevin Carson describes above.


    I'm amazed every year how the company complains of failures in safety compliance and yet every year the company either restructures the Q&A process again or adds more to the process so that each employee (management and hourly) has more to remember, thus the increased potential for failure goes up accordingly. Seems someone doesn't understand the basics of scale coupled with deminished returns!

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    " We’re living in the world of Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil.” "

    We are definitely getting there!
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    Very good point but I always thought of those who lead society in their various ways more akin to the Knights who say Ni!


    Next time they demand a stupid shrubbery, just ask of them, "for my own understanding please explain IT?"

    And you'll see what I mean.