Are UPS freight employees eligible to receive tuition reimbursement?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by youngster33, May 25, 2011.

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    I realize this program has been suspended but are there any UPS freight drivers who have received tuition reimbursement? I realize the package side has tuition assistance. My question is does the freight division have this for the drivers?
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    No response?

    Apparently nobody has the answer to this question. I do not work for UPS Freight currently but was offered a job as a local City Driver. I am currently working as a driver for another company in the beverage industry. I have heard great things about UPS, but also have read many complaints on this site. I guess that's just how it is everywhere. It is a tough decision for me because I want to get in UPS but I was told I would not be guaranteed a 40 hour workweek for quite some time. This along with the beginning wages will be a BIG cut in pay for me. Any advise anyone?
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    I was just on and found the answer to this question, only the nonunion employees of UPS Freight are eligible for the tuition reimbursement program...
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    Re: No response?

    Are you sure you will ever get 40 hrs with UPSF? The package division is cutting routes left and right. Full timers are having to go back inside for work. Be careful whatever you do.
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    Thank you both for the replies, I appreciate it. I did not know about I contacted HR and they would not tell me anything except that the program has been suspended. I just want to look at the pros and cons before jumping on board. I am not sure I will get 40 hours. At my current job I average a 55 hour week at $23/hour. It is hard to imagine what my paycheck will look like at $15/hour and less than a 40 hour week. I was hoping UPS offered tuition assistance to the UPS Freight drivers. Your probably wondering why I want to work here instead of where I am currently. I have heard so many great things about the package side contract, but it seems UPSF has some catching up to do. I feel that UPSF is still fairly new and is going to fight for a decent contract. I like that when negotiating for a new contract it is all the UPSF together. Currently I make the same wages as a City Driver's top wage but over time this will change. I feel like in the long run I will be better of with UPSF. I know the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence so that is why I am open to any input or suggestions. I am willing to give up a position I have worked very hard to get to. I have it made right now with seniority, vacations, and in a little less than a year I will be vested. I just want to know that I am making the best decision.
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    Re: thanks

    I think you should stay at your current job and work at UPS part time. While your working part time at UPS you would be gaining senority. At UPS seniority means a lot.
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    Good call ghost rider and I was given the opinion of part time but could not accept. My hours at my current job conflict with the hours at UPS, also my current employer has a new rule: no drivers may go over 60 hours in one week (this includes your employment elsewhere). Needless to say I declined the part time position because it was not possible.
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    Long ago they had this for all the employees but found people actually left, so they keep it to the management who will have to pay back costs if they leave before a predetermined time..
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    That program was for non union employees but scrapped 2 years ago when they cut most benefits to non union employees. Be glad you joined a union. They backed up all benefits and many will never be seen again. Did I mention no raises or cost of living increases for 2 years?