AT this moment, What scares you the most...?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by ajblakejr, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Syria scares me.
    How a leader can just kill the people in his country.
  2. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Snakes it's always been snakes will probably always be snakes lol close second heights.
  3. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    My childrens future.
  4. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Is there a specific item or event in their future which scares you?
  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Four more years of Obama. And I am not being funny, we are heading in the wrong direction very fast with this man at the helm.
  6. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Let's be careful with this topic.
    I did not start this to foster another Obama thread or debate.
    I will ask moderators to remove any personal attacks.

    Over, I am interested in your thoughts.
    Why scared?
  7. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I think Integrity has hacked A.J.'s account.
  8. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Yesterday, the lil boy next door and I sat and watched the dark storm clouds role in and the wind shake trees.
    Zak told me his sister was hiding in the house because she wanted to be with mom when the big wind sucked them away and the flying monkeys will steal the puppy.

    He told me nothing scared him but he was afraid that all the jobs will be gone when it was his turn to have one....

    I thought, OMG, what a heavy burden on a 10 year old.
  9. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    AJ, on a personal level you know why I might be concerned about my kids especially the youngest, as we head into an uncertain future on the ever worsening ball of rock.

  10. Monkey Butt

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    Good parents don't let their kids listen to Sean Hannity! LOL
  11. texan

    texan Well-Known Member

    What concerns me are all of the above.

    The leadership and direction of this country.
    The political correctness that dominates and one can not say what they believe anymore.
    My grandchildren, what do they face 20 to 30 years from now?

    Snakes... well I do not love them, but as long as they live their lives away from me, great.
  12. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    I been losing sleep over this :

    I got a huge caribbean festival to do downtown for 3 days in August, and it just seems I'm hitting 1 hurdle after the other.
    First there was a $2500 sign up fee for being a food vendor - finally paid that today.

    Now brand new rules and regulations, starting with a $2 Million liabilty insurance I'll need, my fire extingushers need to be checked and approved now every 12 months , which is totally over due.
    My refrigerated van won't start !
    And I'm running out of time !
    I start work at the city fair tomorrow, and I'm gone from 9am-midnight each day for the next 14 days !

    Besides all that, the Caribbean festival has 80.000 attendance, and I'm only 1 out of 10 food vendors to be there.
    I need to hire atleast 3 more reliabale people by then, and stock up thousands of dollars of pop and meats.
    Even an entire cargo van full of food and pop/water won't be enough to get thru a full day.

    Normally, I'm nervous to start new jobs, tomorrow is my first day at the fair (just selling tickets), Tuesday at 10am I have training for another job (which I'll have to tell the fair that I can't start at 10am, but later instead).

    The last 3 or 4 days were just a mad house for me - leaving the house early mornings for interviews, meeting, banks, getting supplies for the big event, buying an extra freezer and fridge, and many more things I went thru.

    Now, I'm out of time ! Can't do anymore until this fair job is over in 14 days.

    I can't sleep !

    Tomorrow, I get a $15.000 float to start out with, and I sure hope I can concentrate enough to keep the till balanced.
    But dealing with cash is not new to me.
    But a bit worried anyways.
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  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

  14. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    How a person can simply walk in and [-]leader can [/-]just kill the people [-]in his country [/-]which surround him in a public place.
  15. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I totally agree I told my mom the other day is there really a lot more bad stuff happening in the world now or am I just paying more attention to what's going on. She said your almost 30 welcome to adulthood the world will never look as good as it did just ten years ago for the rest of your life.
  16. Harry Manback

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  17. Well, politics is what runs the world and you don't want to talk about that......but I will anyway....I'm only 50...................So, I missed(Thankfully) all the terrible wars...........We have fools like Klein............but then to think about 30's Russia.........killing 30 MILLION of their own people..........China......Japan......Germany......the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people killed because they had a different point of view. Insanity. Crazy muslim kids in Africa controlling whole territories, starving whole generations....insanity..........all in the name of a stupid book...........7th century mentalities..........and to think we have a guy in the White House who is very, very close to these roots..........on a lighter note........I think everyday about folks in our retirement plan, who had their payments cut in half with the stroke of a pen. bet.
  18. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    I don't think there is a lot more bad stuff as much as in todays society it's easier to be informed as soon as it happens.
  19. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Yes ignorance is bliss. I was much happier when I didnt pay attention to the world happenings.
    And spiders, I do not like spiders. They scare me the most.
  20. soberups

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    I loathe rats. If I see one anywhere near me, its going to die by any means necessary and I dont care what sort of damage I wind up doing to floors or walls or furniture.

    I can deal (sort of) with white pet rats, but the gray vermin rats with pink ringed tails are not acceptable to me in any way shape or form.