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    If you take your option 3 as a week off, rather than as sick days, can UPS write you up if you miss a day or two throughout the year? My supervisor claims that once your option days are gone, then it only takes 3 more call ins and you are basically terminated after the first write up, then suspension. I think it is ridiculous to use the option days against you, when all they are is a split up vacation, that we have earned by the way. It is a benefit. Any advice?
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    I don't believe this is the case. They can make you go in for fitness of duty if you call in sick 3 days in a row. The 1st week of Jan I called in all week and I didn't have any sick days available and no one said anything. They could have sent me for fitness of duty but didn't.
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    What they can also do is call you in on depenability which is more likely to happen but this is progressive discipline that can't just fire you for it.
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    You have the same amount of call-offs as people who do not take the option 3.


    C'mon, you used your days as an extra vacation. You shouldn't then take additional days. If you need your sick days, you shouldn't be taking option 3.
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    It sounds like the supervisor is trying to sway your opinion. I suggest taking the sick days and lumping them into the week, then use your options if you are sick or need more days. You can always bang in sick 3 days before you need a doctors note anyway. It'll work out for you. :o
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    We've been through a similar situation here regarding taking your sick week as vacation, ie, being told that if you do that you can't then call in sick or you will face discipline. It doesn't hold up. The company agreed in the contract to allow you to take your sick week as a vacation week. It's not an extra vacation week, it's a vacation week that was negotiated for us, and no, it doesn't count as five call ins either. You can still call in sick as many times as the people who didn't use their sick week for vacation, you just won't get paid for them. I haven't read your supplement but it doesn't sound like option3 should be treated any differently.

    Just to be clear, I'm not advocating calling in sick just because you want another day off, you shouldn't call in unless you have too whether you took your sick as a vacation or not. But neither should you have to come to work sick under the threat of discipline just because you exercised your contractual rights.

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    This supervisor really has it in for me. He is giving me a warning letter for insubordination stemming from a conversation that he and I had that got heated but I never used foul language or threatened him in any way. I merely argued my side and he got mad and now is using his power as a supervisor to have the last word in our argument by writing me up.
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    In our building attendance is used as past practice. We have the rule 6 call in for 6months. Once you go over that period without medical documentation its a verbal warning or written warning. Then its a suspension, and another suspension and then possibly termination. But no where in the contract does it state anything about attendance. The only thing i can think of if for holiday pay. You have to be at work the day before and after if its a regular working day.
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    There are people in my center who come in late everyday and nc/ns 3 times per month for 2 years and basically flip off the FT and nothing happens to them.
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    Was there any witnesses? If not,it`s his word against yours,no dicipline. Grieve the warning letter.
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    If you have option days - then you should have insurance - you should get a doctors note...
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    They don't get the last word, you get it, it's called a grievance.

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    Take option 3 and take the vacation
    You'll still have 3 sick days left, and if you need more take them
    Obviously, don't call out every 2 weeks, thats not fair to them, but if you have to take a day off without pay, Take it
    Don't worry about what the supervisor tells you, It'll always play out in your favor
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    They love call-ins by us. They can cut routes and blame the call-in instead of IE.
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    Is there actually anything in the contract that says we need a doctors note?? Can they really require one??
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    I don't believe they require one but it sure does cover you...
    What if you were under medication and couldn't opperate heavy machinery? Or maybe you were un able to be aware of your surroundings?

    Those situations seem unsafe and they can not make you work unsafe...
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    Your premise about Holidays is a very common misconception. I work under the Southern Region, I would re-read your Holiday language. Supervisors love to tell you what their manager told them, but it is not true.

    Article 60 - Holidays
    Section 1 - ....."One of the qualifications is that seniority employees must complete the regularly scheduled work day which immediately precedes OR follows the Holiday, except in cases of proven illness, or unless the absence is mutually agreed to."....

    The language does not say AND. This language states that you must complete only one of the days to get paid for the Holiday, not both. I have been out probably 4 or 5 times in this sitiuation over my 20 years and have always been paid.:happy2:
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    The company loves to use this language to their benefit. Here is how we handle it in our building.

    1. Option 3 is an earned benefit. You must have 156 reports to qualify. It is listed in our contract under Holidays, but we pick the option during vacation picks. Under the pure definition of benefit, how could you possibly be disciplined for using a benefit? Are they going to discipline me for using my insurance?

    2. The contract states that with option 3 you are paid for the first 7 days the employee does not report to work. How can you be disciplined if you are paid?
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    Who gets the last word if the grievance is denied at Panel?
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    It goes along with everything else. There are some folks that think Hoffa signs the bottom of their check. I could never get my mind wrapped around the concept from those folks who think the company is their enemy yet they continue to work day in and day out. Surely there is some job out there they would be much happier at???