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    Was handed the August Frontline transcript today...I just wanted to post this one section from MT3....sorry its long..

    "We all understand the global economy and how it affects are customers and Fedex.We are like companies everywhere that are looking to improve efficiencies and remain competitive and in a very tough market place.With the state of our business as it is,we have to REDUCE hours to match the lower volume and stops.We need everyone fully contributing and working together in every aspect of the day.And focusing on key priorities will help us work as efficiently as possible and provide customers great service.

    It starts with putting the right number of routes onroad for the days volume.Followed by running the planned flow rate for the AM sort and get the sort down on time.During the sort,we should correct exceptions and get those packages to couriers to take onroad.After sort down,all routes should be balanced with a full load.Then get on-road at your planned leave building time.On your route,do what you reasonably can to deliver bad address and customer-not-in exceptions.An important point regarding the customer experience is ... we should not bring back shipments if you can effectively work with Dispatch to get them delivered.And hitting your return to building goal is the key to closing out a efficient day of work.

    On-road is the biggest part of our daily operation and our largest opportunity for improvement.Your Managers will be placing more emphasis on working with you to use Best Practices to work safely and efficiently throughout your day to save time."
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    I love when this company makes a special statement in regards to what should be happening EVERYDAY...its Monday people, Monday service, we must make Monday service, if you think you'll need help call 911!!!!!!! Monday service!!!!!
  3. snackdad

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    Blah, Blah, Blah....same crap, same words, different day, different year. Will we ever walk through the door one day to hear that things are OK now and thanks for the efforts during a tough time, Never. It's the same old crybaby song and dance every day, every year. Waaaaaaaaa MT3, get off your fat ass and give us a hand then. You call the customers when you have a moment.
  4. DontThrowPackages

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    I'd bet if the company increased profit times 10 from the previous year, it would look for ways to replicated it. To so many American companies, It will never be enough so get use to hearing this same speech from now til the Cubs win a world series.
  5. Cactus

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    Same old story..........same old song and dance. Watching MT3 is such a snoozefest.
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    "Frontline", an excellant opportunity to grab a much needed 15 minute nap.
  7. MrFedEx

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    What will MT3's contribution be other than flapping his gums and waving his hands? Nothing. Zero .Get rid of his fat ass and save millions. Hell, we can get a hand- flapping moron at the local WalMart for way less money.

    Better yet, make him a PT handler in the Hub so he can lose some weight.
  8. **Fred

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    To Mr. MT3 by saying to reduce hours . I suggest you should move to Memphis . Do you realized how much cost to fly you from ORD to MEM everyday by private jet cost ?
  9. Rhoderunner

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    Funny, the things he asks us to do, those dex3 corrections and 08 reattempts, are the very things that kill the RTB times. Had more than one ops mgr consider that 'milking it' , now it's expected.
  10. MrFedEx

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    Can you verify that MT3 commutes from ORD to MEM? If true, this is a prime example of the glaring hypocrisy of this company. On one hand, you have the top execs pleading poverty and extracting major dollars from us, and on the other, they continue to expend millions on utter commuting from ORD in a private jet. Jesus, what cajones it takes to go on Frontline and lie like a rug, while your pampered fat ass is transported to and from work in luxury. Does a limo pick him up on both ends? Please confirm this if you can, and if it is true, maybe someone can get video of this elitist at ORD and/or MEM. A lot of us would like to see the footage.
  11. MrFedEx

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    We laugh and criticize it openly now, and management just takes it. One has to wonder if they secretly think he's (MT3) a piece of crap too.
  12. vin059

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    oh, and don't forget to throw in a sales lead into the mix, too...
  13. MrFedEx

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    Do you mean the sales lead that will become a Ground account?
  14. **Fred

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    I'll try my best . I knew that MT3 live in Chicago for sure . I saw him once or two at the ramp when I was worked there . I once ask the security guard about the black Lincoln town car with personal driver at the ramp early everyday and I was told its was MT3 's car and he said MT3 fly to MEM everyday .
  15. MrFedEx

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    Please confirm this if you can. I'd love to ask MT3 this question in front of an audience.
  16. **Fred

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    Sure , I'll do it . I'll find my day off and go to the ramp to get some picture by myself but I cant get inside the ramp because I dont have ORD SIDA card . Can you find someone at MEMH ramp to confirm about this . Im pretty sure peoples work at MEMH ramp should see MT3 at the ramp also .
  17. morgan

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    wow this company is amazing sometimes. they want people to work harder in less time. fedex as a company has created most of this mess at express, mostly by starting ground and proceeding to screw them over as sub-contractors when in fact they aren't. they are told when to be at work, what to wear, what to do how to do it!! THEY ARE EMPLOYEE'S!! so now at express people are basically told they are lazy and are just trying to screw the company over. sure express doesnt have the package count any more because they transition them to ground. so meanwhile they scheme ways to screw employees out of time. if its that bad restructure the entire express network, lay people off, buy people out, but stop telling us that its our fault that this is the way things are, the braintrust in memphis made things this way not some driver thats only making $17hr..
  18. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    Bullseye! What a bunch of lying SOB's are the upper crust of this company.
  19. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    According to his official bio on the blog, his past positions include Senior VP of Operations for the Central Region, so that may explain why he lived in Chicago in years past.