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    Hey guys, been a package handler for 3 years now working preload. I was curious as to how many hours preloaders average a day around the country. My first year i was always getting 6 hours a day. Start time was anywhere from 3:15 to 3:45am. Were a smaller center and we had a big amazon portion of volume. My first year manager left and when the new one took over he couldnt handle it and had most of that volume go to another hub. Now im lucky to get over 4 hours, sups shut down the belts at exactly 3.5hrs and i get those extra 30 minutes by walking packages after they cut the belts. Ive noticed when i come in they allow some new guys to come in an hour early to open unload doors and prep imprinters. Would i be entitled to that extra hour since i have more seniority or is anything before start time up to management discretion as long as i get my 3.5? Thanks guys.
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    It’s yours if you want it

    Might be able to grieve for some easy $$
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    Grieve it.....extra hours are supposed to be volunteer from top down.
    Force from bottom up.
    You entitled to your daily guarantee.
    Ask for it.
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    The decision to move the work to another hub was not made at the local level.

    Yes, you should be able to do the "extra work" and should grieve if you are told no and they still allow lower seniority workers to start early.
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    How do you send most of your preload volume to another hub? Preload stops at 3.5 hours even if trailers are on the yard?

    This makes no sense to me.
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    Cuz it aint true.
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    Preload has never been less than 4 hours since I started. rarely less than 5. Working preload shorter than 5 hours is a joke at the current wages. Makes more sense for me to have 2 hours of OT than driver(s) to have 2 hours OT
    So you have a neighboring center that has the capacity to simply take your volume and be profitable with the potential changes in distance? what?
    Sounds to me your neighboring center is just as ******ed as my neighboring center and all they are doing is giving the work to preloaders that suck at their job creating rapid fire loads (sups working too haha).
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    Not preload volume, amazon volume. We would work 4 hours for the preload sort and then they would send new people home and ask for whoever wants to stay. They would back up empty 53' trailers to the unload and load them up with yellow tape amazon boxes. Took about 2 hours.
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    Amazon returns?
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    Not sure, all i remember was that their destination was an amazon fullfillment center about 45 minutes away.
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    why do the belts shut down at 3.5 hours