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    Hello all,
    If you remember some time ago, I was asking questions about wage and so fourth, Two years have gone by now and what we (7 employees) that was a dead issue with the company in reguards to paying back the money, It all stems from when we were P.t feeder drivers then going to Full time. WE notified them of the mistake many times.
    Now they are asking for there money....2yrs later

    Does anyone know of a pending legal action on wages and not being paid the right rate, from what i was told it's a nationwide suite. PLease let me know if anything came from it.
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    This language has been in effect since Dec. 19, 2007:
    Is there a Statute of Limitations on recapturing past wages??? How far back can they go? Assuming they are even entitled to the money in the first place.

    The next National Grievance Panel is June 7 - 9.
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    our problem is we didn't put in writing,we just told our boss...everyone owes different amounts, depens on when you went fulltime and how long they over paid us..