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    I'll try to keep this short. I started about 2 weeks ago. Finished loader cornerstone(mon-thur). Had my first day of training with my cornerstone sup on fri. Then on monday(thanksgiving week) I got a new trainer cause my sup had to go back to cornerstone training. My new trainer was previously a sorter/unloader and couldn't help me with any of my questions or problems cause he had no clue. Just stood there saying I was doing a great job. Thankfully my prev supp taught me enough to do it myself. I came in Tuesday and my sup didn't show so I was sent home . On wed they said they would try and get me a trainer but after an hour nothing so was sent home again after an hour of just standing there like an idiot and was told I won't be working the Friday after thanksgiving. On Monday it was pretty hectic. They clearly needed people for everything but was told I can't work cause I'm still had 2 days of training left. So was sent home after waiting another hour before they again told me I wasn't working the day. So now I'm just frustrated. If I obviously have no trainer assigned to me, then why even make me clock in? on top of that wait around knowing I'm just gonna get sent home again. Should I even bother going in this week of peak? I'm burning gas and time for over a week now with this same :censored2:. I have no problem waiting to be called in but don't make me drive out there, sit around and be sent home. Is this normal?
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    Welcome to peak. Enjoy
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    Welcome to UPS logic.
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    Completely normal,, I know its frustrating but your not the exception, that's just how UPS operates.
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    Sigh. Figures. You think I'd get fired for not showing up next day even tho I'd prob be sent home? Also I have yet to be payed for my first week. Which I assumed should of been payed Friday after Thanksgiving. Since I didn't work do they still have my paycheck? I checked upsers and its been made out apparently. or do they mail them since I know regardless if I have direct pay, they still give paper checks first week/s
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    They have your check, call the building and ask where it is, it's your property. That's the thing about ups, you gotta look out for yourself, no one is going to see to it that you get your paycheck or anything else for that matter, it's a battle every single day.

    And everything you've said just far sounds normal, very unorganized is the norm.
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    Its not the gun that killed was the bullet?
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    What the heck is cornerstone? Just chuck it in, it's peak!
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    Yea, I was ready for the back breaking hard work and yelling but didn't think it'd be this effed up. You know which # I should call or should I ask my sup where my check might be?
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    Wish I was even given the opportunity to put work in :/ I'd chuck em all day.
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    You must be new here, Welcome!